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Feng Shui Tips for Family

Feng Shui Tips for Family Children’s Behaviors and Parental Authority Speaking of parental authority, we are not talking about spanking a kid or making a child be submissive to his/her elder. NO. We are talking about something more substantial—the way that good parent can discipline and cultivate their children through positive, inspiring communication with mutual… Read More »

Pay Attention to SouthEast and North

In 2012 year of the dragon, we need to specially pay attention to two locations: SouthEast and North since the most deadly fictitious stars #5 and #2 are in these two locations. Especially for those people whose main doors are located in these two locations. Both flying star #5 and #2, which brings all kinds… Read More »

Flying Stars 2010 in Year of the Tiger

2010 is the Year of the Tiger which starts from Li Chun 02/04/2010. Chinese use heaven branch and earth branch to describe the Year. The heaven branch of the tiger year 2010 is Gen which belongs to Metal element; the earth branch of the tiger year 2010 is Yin which belongs to Wood element. Heaven… Read More »