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Chinese Zodiac 2012

1. Overall for Chinese Zodiac Rat in 2012: Being in harmony with Taisui star, Zodiac Rat will usher a positive turn after the year of fluctuation and setbacks that you just went through. The visit of the propitious stars Jiangxing (general) and Jingui will strength your general luck in the aspects of career and wealth.… Read More »

Feng Shui 2009 – Chinese Horoscope Rabbit

Overall in 2009: The general fortune is so-so. Lacking of any auspicious stars or benefactors, Rabbit people have to strive all by their own. There is no specific fortune is available for you to make a shortcut. In additions, several mourning stars will invade your constellation. The evil star Qiuyu( being Poisoned) will cause you… Read More »