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Chinese Horoscope Boar 2014, Chinese Zodiac Boar 2014

Leaving the zone of turbulence, zodiac Boar enters the relatively smooth period. There are uplifting stars emerging in the constellation. These noble stars would dispel the dark mist upon your constellation gradually and illuminate the path of fortune ahead. The presence of Yuede (moon favor) suggests a significant favor and kindness from high rank. That… Read More »

Chinese Horoscope Rooster 2014, Chinese Zodiac Rooster 2014

Blessed by the nobleman star Taiyin (auspicious Ying energy); Rooster people will attain appreciations and exaltations from nice female in the work. The general career fortune will rise in Lunar March, May, July and October. Nonetheless, the presence of two ominous stars Gouchen (hook spirit) and Guansuo (entanglement) will result in sudden setbacks, villain, frauds,… Read More »

Chinese Horoscope Monkey 2014, Chinese Zodiac Monkey 2014

With very few propitious stars in the constellation, Monkey people will have to face a lot of challenges this year. The only positive star Yima (running horse) suggests the frequent “actions” in the year of Horse (for example, traveling for business, house moving, switching job, or company moving). However, you should beware of the portents… Read More »

Chinese Horoscope Snake 2014, Chinese Zodiac Snake 2014

Overall for Chinese Zodiac Snake 2014: After the year of turbulence and changes, the zodiac Snake enters the new period of life. The arrival of propitious star Wenchang (inspiration) will elevate the general fortune of Snake and especially bring those who engaging in creative work their muses. That being said, the trespasses of five other… Read More »

Chinese Horoscope Dragon 2014, Chinese Zodiac Dragon 2014

Overall for Chinese Zodiac Dragon 2014: The trespass of Diaoke (condolence visit) star suggests that there could be illness or even death occur to your friends or relatives while Xueren (bloodshed) is prone to cause bloodshed, surgery, or accidents for Dragon people yourselves. Although the gathering ominous stars will pose many obstacles for Dragon people,… Read More »

Chinese Horoscope Rabbit 2014, Chinese Zodiac Rabbit 2014

Overall for Chinese Zodiac Rabbit 2014: With the arrivals of several propitious stars in your constellation, your general fortune will be visualized as a number of progresses and occasional failures. The arrivals of powerful benefactor stars Tiande (heavenly bliss) and Fuxing (lucky star) will bring you excellent external support. Nevertheless, the considerable number of the… Read More »

Chinese Horoscope Tiger 2014, Chinese Zodiac Tiger 2014

Overall for Chinese Zodiac Tiger 2014: Although being in harmony with Taisui star, Zodiac Tiger will still encounter the year of fluctuation and challenge due to the gathering of the ominous stars in the constellation. Gossips and entanglements are likely to occur since the emerging ominous star Baihu (white tiger) attracts knaves and villains (especially… Read More »