Chinese Horoscope Rat in 2024

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Rat in 2024: Since the horoscope Rat is in harmony with horoscope Dragon, Rat people will usher a year of smooth sail. However, the ominous stars Feilian (flying dagger) and Dasha(disaster) will cause undeserved ill turns, bloodshed, surgery, and other accidents. Gossips and entanglements will also occur due to the presence… Read More »

Chinese Horoscope Ox 2024

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Ox in 2024 The benign stars Tiande (heavenly Bliss) and Fuxing (lucky Star) will bring one excellent external support. However, multiple ominous stars and the affliction with Taisui will pose some obstacles and setbacks in the pursuit of their goals. The joyous events or activities (such as promotion, moving to a… Read More »

Chinese Horoscope Tiger 2024

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Tiger in 2024:   The year of Dragon is the time to pave one’s prospect of career with hard work since these powerful stars are great helpers of stimulating one’s talent, benefactor luck and leadership. Signifying the elevation in the career, the arrival of the propitious star Santai (high rank) will… Read More »

Chinese Horoscope Rabbit 2024

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Rabbit in 2024: Out of the year of shadow of Tai Sui, the horoscope Rabbit is ushering in a new period of life. The auspicious star Wenchang (inspiration) will elevate the general fortune of Rabbit and bring those who are engaging in creative work inspiration and creative ideas. However, the trespasses… Read More »

Chinese Horoscope Dragon 2024

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Dragon in 2024: Being against Tai Sui, Horoscope Dragon will face a year of challenges and fluctuations in various aspects (work, study, affection, lifestyle, etc.). However, change also implies opportunity. If one can harness one’s fortune, one can take advantage of the occurring joyous activity to “block” and “replace” the coming… Read More »

Chinese Horoscope Snake 2024

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Snake in 2024:  Taiyang(sun), known as the powerful supportive yang star, will bring Horoscope Snake people strong yang energy, elevating the general fortune of Snake people.  Taiyang signifies great benefactor luck, meaning Snake people will be blessed by the male or elder powerful people (for instance, a high rank male authority).… Read More »

Chinese Horoscope Horse 2024

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Horse in 2024: Horoscope Horse will face a lot of challenges this year due to the lack of supportive stars. One should beware of the portents and make provision for the covering attacks from three ominous stars Sangmen (funeral), Disang (loss) and Gushen (solitude) for they will pose great difficulties and… Read More »

Chinese Horoscope Sheep 2024

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Sheep in 2024: 2024 is a year of joy and happiness for the horoscope sheep. The visit of the auspicious star Taiyin (auspicious Yin energy) will still bring Horoscope Sheep recognitions and exaltations from supportive female in the work. However, the presence of two ominous stars Gouchen (hook spirit) and Guansuo… Read More »

Chinese Horoscope Monkey 2024

Overall all for horoscope Monkey in 2024: Lucky star Santai (high rank), indicating elevation in life and career, will bring horoscope Monkey appreciations and recognitions from one’s superior and colleagues. Horoscope Monkey and Horoscope Dragon are in harmonious energy combo, which will bring most Horoscope Monkey growth and positive development in certain aspect of life. … Read More »

Chinese Horoscope Rooster 2024

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Rooster in 2024:   Horoscope Rooster is sailing away from the gloomy shadow of opposing Tai Sui and starting a relatively smooth fortune period. The visit of benign stars shed a light on Rooster people’s path of fortune this year. The presence of Yuede (moon virtue) implies a significant favor and kindness… Read More »

Chinese Horoscope Dog 2024

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Dog in 2024: In the year of Dragon, the energy from the house of Dragon becomes ferocious and it rushes to the southwest, the house of horoscope Dog. This is what is generally recognized as the direct conflict with Taisui (Grand Duke Jupiter). The crashing with Taisui causes instabilities, fluctuation, and… Read More »

Chinese Horoscope Boar 2024

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Boar 2024:  Ziwei, the promising emperor star, will favor horoscope Boar with auspicious power and intelligence, bestowing great opportunities of obtaining authority and developing talent upon one. Longde star will bless one with great benefactor luck. The lifting auspicious chi from these two stars will carve a year of fulfillment for… Read More »