Chinese Horoscope Boar 2019

Overall for Zodiac Boar in 2019: The Grand Duke Jupiter, known as Taisui, visits the constellation of zodiac Boar this year. Thus, Boar people are susceptible to the affection of Taisui, which stirs the chi in Zodiac’s house, and consequently, the overall fortune of zodiac Boar becomes very unstable. Zodiac Boar will face the year… Read More »

Custom Print on Chinese Wall Scroll Calendars 2019

We do custom print on Chinese wall scroll calendars! Simply choose one or more designs from following pictures, click contact us, write us your ads information, such as logo, company information, which you want to print on those Chinese scroll calendars. Or you can directly scan/take a photo of your business card and submit that… Read More »

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Chinese Horoscope Rat 2018

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Rat 2018: With very few propitious stars in the constellation, Zodiac Rat will need to face a lot of challenges this year. Fortunately, the only positive star Dijie (solution) suggests new discovery through the journey in the year of Dog. However, you should beware of the portents and make provision for… Read More »

Chinese Horoscope Ox 2018

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Ox 2018: The visit of the nobleman star Taiyin (auspicious Ying energy) will bring Ox people appreciations and exaltation from supportive female in the work. However, the presence of two ominous stars Gouchen (hook spirit) and Guansuo (entanglement) will result in sudden setbacks, villain, frauds, troubles and entanglements, and these complications… Read More »

Chinese Horoscope Rabbit 2018

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Rabbit 2018: Gradually being Out of gloomy shadow of opposing Grand Duke Jupiter, zodiac Rabbit enters the relatively halcyon field. Dispelling the dark mist surrounding the constellation, the emergence of couple benign stars shed a light on Rabbit people’s path of fortune this year. The presence of Yuede (moon favor) suggests… Read More »

Chinese Horoscope Dragon 2018

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Dragon 2018: The constellation of zodiac Dragon locates in the southeast, while the house of zodiac Dog in the northwest. In the year of Dog, the energy of Dog’s house becomes ferocious that it rushes to east, the opposite palace, which belongs to zodiac Dragon. This direct rush on Dragon people’s… Read More »

Chinese Horoscope Snake 2018

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Snake 2018: Visited by two powerful felicitous stars Ziwei and Longde, zodiac Snake will meet great opportunities of positive transformation. Ziwei, the promising emperor star, will favor you with auspicious power and intelligence. Under the shield of Ziwei, you will have lots of chances to obtain authority and bring your talent… Read More »