Chinese Horoscope Ox 2024

By | January 18, 2024

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Ox in 2024

The benign stars Tiande (heavenly Bliss) and Fuxing (lucky Star) will bring one excellent external support. However, multiple ominous stars and the affliction with Taisui will pose some obstacles and setbacks in the pursuit of their goals. The joyous events or activities (such as promotion, moving to a new house, getting married, having baby, etc.), will redirect the energy to the positive side. As a result, the general fortune will be visualized as a few progresses and occasional failures.

Feng Shui Tips for Career:

The auspicious stars Tiande and Fuxing will improve the general career luck and bring one recognition and appreciation. Nevertheless, it is not yet the best time to rush to actualize one’s high aims. Due to the disturbance of ominous stars Juanshe (gossip) and Niansha (annual killing), gossip, entanglement and accidental change occurs to one every now and then.  

Feng Shui Tips for Wealth:  

The absence of wealth star indicates some instability in overall wealth fortune. It is wise to adopt a detailed monetary plan for the chances of financial crisis are likely to happen. Entrepreneurs should avoid emotional investment and be careful when choosing their work partners. Confusion and doubts will occur. It is wise to seek advice from elders or experts to overcome the obstacles this year.

Feng Shui Tips for Relationship: 

It is a good year for female Ox people to meet the right one or tie the love knot. However, the trespass of the unfavorable stars Juanshe and Niansha will bring forth disharmony and bad romance. It is beneficial to spend more time in communication in one’s love relationship this year. However, for those who want to save their relationship in danger, they also get a chance to redeem their love if they correct the old attitude.

Feng Shui Tips for Health: 

Ox People should be aware of illnesses related to the respiratory system or drinking problems. Keep an eye on the health condition of elders in the family since the trespass of Pima (in mourning clothes) star implies visiting patient or attending funeral, while the presence of metal star (flying dagger) suggests small accidents.

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