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Chinese Horoscope 2019

Chinese Horoscope Rat 2019 Overall for Zodiac Rat in 2019:  The general fortune of Zodiac Rat is elevated due to the good blessing from the propitious star Taiyang (sun). Taiyang, one of the most powerful benefactor stars, symbolizes the sun and infinite strong positive energy. Taiyang star also indicates great benefactor luck for the Rat… Read More »

Chinese Horoscope Tiger 2019

Overall for zodiac Tiger in 2019 The visit of the nobleman star Taiyin (auspicious Ying energy) will bring Tiger people appreciations and exaltations from supportive female in the work. However, the presence of two ominous stars Gouchen (hook spirit) and Guansuo (entanglement) will result in sudden setbacks, villain, frauds, troubles and entanglements, and these complications… Read More »

Chinese Horoscope Sheep 2019

Overall for zodiac Sheep in 2019: Being in harmony with Grand Duke Jupiter, Zodiac Ram will usher a year of abundance. Nevertheless, gossips and entanglements are likely to occur since the emerging ominous star Baihu (white Tiger) attracts knaves and villains (especially from female) while the other ominous stars like Feilian (flying dagger) and Dasha(disaster)… Read More »