Chinese Horoscope Ox 2019

By | January 16, 2019

Overall for zodiac Ox in 2019:

With very few propitious stars in the constellation, Zodiac Ox will need to face a lot of challenges this year. Fortunately, the only positive star Dijie (solution) suggests new discovery through the journey in the year of Boar. However, you should beware of the portents and make provision for the covering attacks from three ominous stars Sangmen (funeral), Disang (loss) and Gushen (solitude) for they will pose great difficulties and bring about side issues on the course; Zodiac Ox must always have a second plan to adjust the sudden changes. To remove the obstacles in the way and fructify your hard work, you can display Guru Rinpoche Celestial Mandala Plaque in the west to ward off the threatening energy and enhance the auspicious chi of your favorable benefactor star.

Suggestions for Career:

Ox people may need to work much harder since there are quite a few obstacles in the way. The presence of Sangmen star will cause some setback in the way. Backstabber and vicious competition occur in the work meanwhile. Hang a red Earth Seal Amulet Keychain in the northwest and display Crystal 8 Symbol in the center to maximize the source of revenue. Those whose work related to creativity and art, they can hang Education Scholastic Amulet Keychain in the north to enlighten their intelligence and inspiration in career. To triumph over all the impediments in the way and ward off the scandals and gossips in the work, Zodiac Ox should hang Cosmic Tortoise Amulet in the south.

Suggestion for Wealth: 

Without powerful wealth star in your constellation, the overall wealth fortune is low. Since the overall fortune fluctuates, it is necessary to adopt a conservative monetary plan, saving the money for some unexpected incidents. The arrangement with blue Anti Burglary Keychain in the southeast and Crystal 8 Symbol in the center is the authentic antidote to cure the accidental financial losses and against the deception. It is also favorable to avoid lawsuits. To improve your income status and enjoy a prosperous success, you can hang one red Earth Seal Amulet Keychain in the northwest and Feng Shui Mongoose in the east to boost the wealth fortune. Since the windfall luck occurs, you can carry Bejeweled Wealth Granting Tree Amulet with you all the time as an extra income luck enhancer.

Suggestion for Relationship:

The overall love luck is rising. Nonetheless, the rising romance luck also brings forth emotional entanglement in relationship. Married couple may encounter third party, but singles are having good chances to meet their right ones. To eliminate the ominous energy and foster their love luck, singles can place Golden Mandarin Ducks in the west and hang one purple or red Crystal Lotus with Solar Operated Rotator in the northwest of their bedroom to trigger the chi from auspicious love star. To suppress the evil stars from causing the extramarital affairs and enjoy a blissful love life, couples could hang one red Earth Seal Amulet Keychain in the northwest and Cosmic Tortoise Amulet in the south. Hide the metal rooster charm inside the wardrobe and have it face out the bedroom door.

Suggestion for Health:

The heavy workload this year will exhaust your body and mind, and give you lots of pressure. Disang star causes undeserved ill turn, while the other ominous star Sangmen might bring bloodshed, surgery, and other accident to you or your family. To suppress the ill-developing energy of calamity stars, you can hang Cosmic Tortoise Amulet in the south and Anti Burglary Keychain in the southeast. Hang Bejeweled 5 Element Pagoda Keychain in the southwest and display Shinning Gold Brass Wu Lou (take out the red string) in the northeast to dissolve the menacing chi and prevent ailments from overstress. Pay close attention to traffic safety and digest system health. To prevent the accidental changes from happening, you can tie three Feng Shui gourds to their beds to drive away the major sickness. 

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