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2023 Chinese Horoscope Sheep

Overall all for 2023 Chinese Horoscope Sheep: Zodiac Sheep and Zodiac Rabbit are in harmonious energy combo. Furthermore, which will bring most Zodiac Sheep certain aspects of growth in life.  Lucky star Santai (high rank), indicating elevation in life and career, will bring one appreciations and recognitions from one’s superior and colleagues. As a result,… Read More »

Feng Shui Tips for Family

Feng Shui Tips for Family Children’s Behaviors and Parental Authority Speaking of parental authority, we are not talking about spanking a kid or making a child be submissive to his/her elder. NO. We are talking about something more substantial—the way that good parent can discipline and cultivate their children through positive, inspiring communication with mutual… Read More »

Flying Stars

What are Flying Stars? Flying Stars are nine flying stars which can used to foretell whether a house or location is good or bad. Nine flying stars are One White Mercury, Two Black Saturn, Three Jade Jupiter, Four Green Jupiter, Five Yellow Loess Star, Six White Platinum Star, Seven Red Venus, Eight White Saturn and… Read More »

Feng Shui 2009 – Chinese Horoscope Rabbit

Overall in 2009: The general fortune is so-so. Lacking of any auspicious stars or benefactors, Rabbit people have to strive all by their own. There is no specific fortune is available for you to make a shortcut. In additions, several mourning stars will invade your constellation. The evil star Qiuyu( being Poisoned) will cause you… Read More »