Feng Shui Tips for Protections

By | April 22, 2009

The locations of the Flying Stars are changed every year. Therefore the position for Tai Sui is also change. In 2009 year of the ox, Tai Sui is sitting in NE and facing SW. It is very important that any constructions in these two area will defend Tai Sui. Once you defend Tai Sui, you will get into big trouble. Doing any constructions in NE and SW this year will hurt you.

Carrying some amulets, such as the brass mirror, Four Heavenly King Protection Amulet, etc, with you all time is recomended.

Hang one Convex Bagua mirror, Wu Lou or Money Sword above the main door to reflect bad energy into your house. In addition, you also can display one pair of Foo Dogs facing the main door to watch your house.

Displaying Chi Lin or Pi Yao also can ward off evil chi. In addition, if you are doing business, Guan Gong, who is is the protectior of the politicians and business, is the best choice for your business.

Suggestion items for getting more protections is at Feng Shui Tips for Protections

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