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2017 Chinese Wall Scroll Calendar with Pictures of Rooster Hen and Chicks
SKU: 5029
The Chinese wall scroll calendar 2017 has picture of Rooster Hen and Chicks which stands for safety, harmony and prosperity. Hang one rooster calendar 2017 at home to symbolize good luck and peace for Chinese horoscope year of the Rooster.
Monkey Holding a Prosperity Bag on Elephant
SKU: 4863
Symbolizing authority, wisdom and courage, this monkey-elephant combination is able to bring one good morals, strength, intelligence and all the qualities of a good leader. It is an ideal feng shui tool to improve or enhance one's career luck.
TAM Keychain Amulet
SKU: 4854
This TAM syllable is the Goddess Green Tara's heart emblem. Green Tara is a female Buddha in Vajrayana Buddhism. She is known as the "mother of liberation". She is the goddess who bring you success and achievement in your work.
Gui Ren Plaque
SKU: 4816
$49.99 $39.99
This Gui Ren Plaque is designed to enhance one's benefactor luck and to receive more support in work and in life. It is also a powerful tool to stimulate one's financial luck and usher in joyous events for the family.
Yang House Amulet Plaque
SKU: 4804
Featuring one Yang house with one pair of auspicious dragons on both sides, this red Yang House Amuet plaque is designed to cure the accumulated Yin energy of a house over time. The Yang House infuses the house with positive and propitious chi and...
Tai Sui Plaque 2016
SKU: 4787
$33.00 $29.50
Featuring the noble Tai Sui Guanzhong, specially designed with yellow and red color to appease the chi of southwest, this Tai Sui Plaque is a must for the year of 2016.
5.5" Fish Bowl Stand
SKU: 4700
$14.99 $9.99
This beautiful smooth hand crafted dark rosewood lacquered finish 5.5" fish bowl stand with 5-high-leg has good quality, sturdy and heavy. It can be as classic display flower stand for ceramic porcelain fish bowls, vases, planters, pots, urns, etc.
Lotus Root
SKU: 4488
$78.00 $58.00
One golden lotus root on water with coins is the feng shui enhancer to stimulate rank of status and career promotion. In Chinese culture, the Lotus Root represents excellent promotional and educational fortune.
Garuda Wu Lou
SKU: 4470
$88.00 $68.00
Carved with images of Peng Bird, auspicious clouds and mystic knots, this Garuda wu lou is one of the best cure to sickness star #2.
Heart Sutra Pillar
SKU: 4469
$78.00 $58.00
Applying the peaceful Heart Sutra and pagoda as a cure, this tool is perfect remedy for Five yellow in the west region. One can also fill it with five scoops of soil before they do the arrangement.
Peace and Harmony Amulet with Dove of Peace
SKU: 4186
This Peace and Harmony Amulet consists of one red apple shaped amulet and one dove of peace. Carrying such Peace and Harmony Amulet with dove of peace can lower down the bad effect of bad flying star #3 and bring peace and harmony.
Health Amulet Keychain
SKU: 4184
Featuring the Golden Wu Lou and the Medicine Buddha, this Health Amulet Key chain is rather beneficial for deflecting illness vibes and promoting healing and wellness.
Pair of Precious White Elephants
SKU: 4146
$118.00 $98.00
This pair of precious white elephants has one with trunk up and one with trunk down. They are the feng shui enhancers to ensure the luck of the big auspicious. Furthermore the pair of the white elephants can swipe out the path obstacles.
Bejeweled Kalachakra Stupa
SKU: 4099
$238.00 $218.00
This magnificent bejeweled Kalachakra Stupa is used to enhance career luck and monetary fortune by feng shui. Displaying in west or Southwest in coming year 2014.
Big Jumping up Horse Statue for Success
SKU: 4089
This gorgeous amazing outstanding wooden-like jumping up horse stepping on piles of ingots and coins represents success and wealth.
Green Glass Horse Statue
SKU: 4088
This glorious shinning impressive flying horse statue is special good for 2014 year of the horse. It is also good for who needs the horse sign, such as people who have zodiac dog, zodiac tiger and zodiac sheep.
Orange Glass Horse Statue
SKU: 4087
This wonderful amazing vivid orange running horse statue is special good for 2014 year of the horse. It is also good for who needs the horse sign, such as people who have zodiac dog, zodiac tiger and zodiac sheep.
8 Water Feature
SKU: 3524
$98.00 $85.00
8 Symbol is used to activate Flying Star 8 White which is in charge of wealth and fortune. Water represent wealth in feng shui. This 8 Water Feature combines both of them.
Feng Shui Supplies

Feng shui store has feng shui products, Chinese gifts, Chinese statues and Chinese products, etc. Categories are as followings:

1. Buddhism & God: Buddhism Gods include Buddha statues, Kuan Yin Statues, Three Gods (Fuk Luk Sau), Kuan Kong, lucky figurines and Buddha supplies (such as Buddha pendants, Buddha beads, Buddha lamps, incense sticks and incense burners, etc).

2. Chinese Gifts: Chinese gifts include Chinese chopsticks, Chinese tea, tea set, teapots, saki sets, spoons, plates, bowls, Chinese lanterns, wall scrolls, frame pictures, hand fans, hand bags, lipstick holders, coin purses, jewelry boxes, jewelry bags, oriental dolls, Asian music gifts, jade products, wooden crafts, glass figurines, toys for kids, vases and pots for lucky bamboo, etc


3. Feng Shui Animals: Chinese products for feng shui animals include Chi Lin, Dragon phoenix, dragon tortoise, elephant figurines, fish figurines, turtle figurines, Foo Dogs, mandarin ducks, money frogs, pi yao, lucky cat and auspicious animals, such as rhino figurines.

4. Chinese Statues: Chinese Statues includes 12 Chinese zodiac animals: Rat statues, Ox statues, Tiger statues, Rabbit statues, Dragon statues, snake statues, horse statues, sheep statues, monkey statues, rooster statues, dog statues and pig statues.

5. Feng Shui Products: Feng shui products have Chinese coins, Bagua, feng shui book for Lillian Too's yearly zodiac feng shui books, almanac and diary, feng shui bells, singing bowls, chimes, ingots, crystals (including crystal balls, crystal lotus, crystal globes, crystal pyramid and crystal paperweights), feng shui keychains, lucky charms, 5 element pagoda, red scrolls, ru yi scepters, wind chimes, sailing boats, wu lou and others (such as compass, coin sword, etc).

6. Gemstones: It has amethyst gemstone (including amethyst pendants, amethyst pendulum), aventurine gemstone, citrine gemstone (including citrine pendants and citrine bracelets), rose quartz gemstone (including rose quartz pendants, rose quartz bracelets), tumbled stones and other gemstone stones (clear quartz, fluorite gemstone, etc).

7. Jewelry: Feng shui jewelry has jade necklace, jade pendants, jade bracelets, jade earrings, jade rings, Dzi necklace, Dzi bracelets, crystal bracelets, crystal earrings, pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, gemstone pendants, gemstone necklaces and other bracelets (such as cat eye bracelets and liuli bracelets).

8. Lucky Talisman Amulets: Lucky talismans and protection amulets are lucky charms or key chains for carrying. This category also includes bejeweled items and special metal items for feng shui cures.

9. Water fountains: In our water fountain supplies, you will find over 100 kinds of small tabletop fountains for indoor desk, zen garden fountains, Buddha fountains and big fountains for garden or outdoor.

Besides above main feng shui items, there are lucky bamboo, live money tree plants, flower pots, Asian style vases, big vases, shoji screen (room divider), Chinese clothing, such as Cheongsam, Tangzhuang, pajamas, kimono, kung fu suits, Chinese style suits for girls or boys, Chinese style shoes, etc in our Asian shop. Furthermore, we offer free Chinese feng shui tips, Chinese horoscope and Chinese zodiac. Our feng shui shop have wholesale gifts, affiliate and drop ship program too.


1: It was a very pleasant online shopping experience. Good communication of order status and shipping information. The feng shui product was packed nicely in an effort to avoid any damage in shipping. I am very pleased. Thanks. By Shopper

2. You a good feng shui store to order from. I received my order in a neat way, packaging of the item ordered was presented nicely. The items were not cheaply made. fine detail. I would order again from this company. Delivery was easy and timely-tracking was also available and on time. By Shopper

3. I've bought from them before and I will again, everything I've bought I'm so pleased with..and the information on the products are great...where they should be placed and what they are used for....Money, Career, etc....They do a great job...Thanks to everyone! S.M.

4: I would like to thank Chinese Store - Feng Shui Import, for my two packages arrived one after the other, and every contents of the packages are totally complete. And the shipment didn't take long to wait for my orders, since I start ordering on your store. Your all are very reliable and dedicated and trustworthy. You make me totally happy and I enjoy the products I ordered from your store.


New feng shui items for 2016 are at New Products. New feng shui items include 2016 Tai Sui Plaque, Guru Rinpoche Celestial Mandala Plaque, 9 Deity Invocation plaque, Golden Mantra Pagoda, Three Flag of Victory, Black Scorpion Tablet Plaque, 21 Tara Plaque, Yang House Amulet Plaque, Gui Ren Plaque, Garuda Bird, Wishfulling Cow with Money Cowrie Shells, 100 Birds on Wish Fulfilling Tree, Bejeweled Blue Tara, Dragon Tortoise Totem with Rhino Elephant, Monkey God on Water Dragon, Water Enhancing Features (3 Water Vases), Blue Water Wave, Dragon Hugging a Bowl, Prayer Wheel, Dragon Phoenix on Ingot, Flying Dragon windchime (Flying Pegasus windchime), King Gesar Image, Yellow Crystal Point with Sacred Increasing Mantras, Orgyen Menla, Red Dragon Wallet, Blue Dragon Wallet, 2016 Tai Sui amulet, Nine Dragon Plaque, 3 Celestial Guardian Plaque, Sun Moon Globe, enthrallment amulet medallion, victory Enhancing Talisman, Increasing Business Talisman, Garuda Good Health amulet keychain, Anti Office-Politics Amulet, Peace and Harmony Amulet for Overcoming Quarrels and Disharmony, Ten Hums protection wheel amulet, Gui Ren Talisman, Anti-Burglary Amulet 2016, Lapchun Spring Amulet, green tara window sticker, guru rinpoche window stickers, Helpful People amulet (Gui Ren Amulet), new victory amulet, Anti Anger Amulet, Dragon Victory Baton, Bejeweled Nangsi Zilnon Guru Rinpoche, Medicine Buddha mirror, tara brass mirrors (red tara mirror, yellow tara mirror, green tara mirror, white tara mirror and blue tar mirror), .

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