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Pair of Rooster Stickers for Year of Rooster 2017
SKU: 5173
This pair of lovely vivid rooster stickers is one of the great Chinese new year decoration for year of the rooster 2017. Posting them at home can bring prosperity, wealth and good luck in the coming year 2017.
Buddha Tabletop Fountain
SKU: 5172
This stone-like dark brown Buddha fountain features of one meditating Buddha holding one crystal and sitting on lotus. When the pump is plugged in, water will pumped up to the crystal ball and make the ball running. Displaying it at home/office to incre
Bamboo Water Fountain with Red Wheel
SKU: 5171
This house-shaped water fountain has one crystal ball and wheel. Water makes the crystal ball rolling, falls down to the pot, then to the wheel and make the wheel running.
Pair of Auspicious Candles
SKU: 5169
Featuring the lucky Chinese phrase of “Zhao Cai Gin Bao” – bring in fortune and gold – this pair of auspicious red candles is embellished with gold detailing, lotus flowers, and excellent craftsmanship.
Pair of Good Luck Candles
SKU: 5168
Shimmering in a vibrant red color, this pair of Good Luck Candles features a lotus base, gold accents, and Chinese inscriptions for good luck. The Chinese symbol “fu” is featured in gold, and means good luck.
Pair of Double Happiness Lamps
SKU: 5167
This Pair of Double Happiness Lamps serves as the perfect ornament for granting you and your family prosperous chi and good blessings throughout the year!
Feng Shui 5 Element Candle Holders
SKU: 5148
Place this set of feng shui 5 Element Candle Holders in your home for activation of all five elements, and to bring wealth luck, relationship luck, intelligence, protection, and support.
Colorful Dragon Money Clip
SKU: 5147
Embellished with vibrant colors of red, black, and gold, this colorful Dragon Money Clip will help attract wealth luck, fortune chi, and successful opportunities !
Gold Trident of Guru Rinpoche Keychain
SKU: 5146
The exquisite gold trident of Guru Rinpoche can be used to help overcome tension from people of authority and instill harmony.
Bejewel Chi Lin Seal
SKU: 5145
This bejeweled chi lin seal features an exquisitely detailed chi lin in a sea of gorgeous gold detailing. The chi lin is also known as the dragon horse, and is a powerful feng shui cure for protection, support, and strength.
Bejewel Dragon Tortoise Seal
SKU: 5144
This bejeweled dragon tortoise seal features a prominent dragon tortoise, and is enhanced with silver crystals, gold coins, and auspicious ingots. Dragon symbolizes career success and courage, and turtle is a creature of longevity.
Bejewel Dragon Fish Jumping Dragon Gate Seal
SKU: 5143
This bejeweled dragon fish jumping dragon gate seal features the powerful dragon fish (also known as the arowana fish) in a sea of gold and blue jewels. The dragon gate seal is used for career luck and hindrance-free endeavors !
Bejewel Pi Yao Seal
SKU: 5142
The bejeweled Pi Yao Seal features a triumphant pi yao. Use the auspicious pi yao to ward off bad luck, increase money luck, fulfill wishes, and increase positive chi.
Feng Shui Mongoose
SKU: 5141
$108.00 $88.00
Capture wealth and financial success in your career or business with this feng shui mongoose!The mongoose is a powerful wealth enhancer, and has been used for finance luck, abundant fortune, and successful opportunities.
Mongoose Amulet Keychain
SKU: 5140
This jeweled mongoose amulet keychain features the auspicious mongoose, gold ingots, and golden accents. Use this amulet keychain for enhanced longevity, never-ending prosperity, and positive chi.
Colourful Rooster Tray
SKU: 5138
$68.00 $56.00
Use this beautiful colorful Rooster tray to welcome a year of prosperity and good fortune in 2017! Display this tray in your home to activate and welcome the auspicious energies of the Rooster.
Three Lions Remedy for Three Killings
SKU: 5137
Use this Three Lions Remedy for protection against the Three Killings. In the Year of the Rooster, 2017, the Three Killings brings 3 kinds of misfortune: loss of good reputation, loss of finances, and loss of relationships.
Wealth and Success Amulet Keychain
SKU: 5136
Carry this gorgeous Wealth and Success Amulet Keychain into the Year of the Rooster for prosperity and good fortune luck ! The Amulet features the Victory Banner, the Success Syllable, Chi Lin, and the Ru Yi.

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