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Feng Shui Tips for Success in Business

Activate some auspicious feng shui products in your office to make it as feng shui office can create precious cosmic energy to your business.  

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Liuli Arowana Fish Statue
SKU: 5016
This beautiful vivid liuli arrowana fish on wave statue is the symbol of wealth. It is the perfect feng shui item to bring prosperity. Arowana fish is regarded as emperor in fish kingdom for the powerful stimulant in create authority and wealth.
Bai Choi for Business
SKU: 4944
Bai Choi has the meanings of wealth since Bai Choi is pronounced as hundreds of wealth in Chinese. Most business men would like to display Bai Choi in their officer to welcome money luck and boom business.
Increasing Business Talisman
SKU: 4867
Featuring all the auspicious symbols of abundance, this Increasing Business talisman is a powerful tool to maximize one’s chances of succeeding in sales and other business endeavors.
Monkey King on Dragon for Business Success
SKU: 4859
$95.00 $88.00
Being harmonious combo of monkey king riding on dragon, Zodiac Monkey and Dragon are together creating propitious flowing water that is extremely beneficial for one's career and business.
Monkey Carrying Baby Monkey Statue
SKU: 4847
This lovely bejewel monkey statue carrying one baby money statue can be used to bring one supportive people, and enhance benefactor luck. It is specially good for year of the monkey.
Green Tara Mirror
SKU: 4829
$28.00 $24.00
Green Tara is the omnipotent Buddha who responds to her prayer in a quick manner, bringing her prayers blessings of success and good fortune.
9 Deity Invocation Tablet
SKU: 4805
This beautiful red "9 Deity Invocation Tablet" is specially designed to invoke the auspicious blessings of the Nine Powerful Deities. One can display it in the living room or office. By reading the text daily on the tablet, one can gain power in his speec
Green Tara Keychain for Empowerment
SKU: 4803
$24.00 $21.50
Green Tara is the omnipotent Buddha who responds to her prayer in a quick manner, bringing her prayers blessings of success and good fortune.
Green Tara Mirror for Empowerment
SKU: 4794
Green Tara is the omnipotent Buddha who responds to her prayer in a quick manner, bringing her prayers blessings of success and good fortune.
Standing Guan Gong Holding Guan Dao
SKU: 4765
This beautiful brass Kwan Kong -- dressed in a dragon robe and carrying Guan Dao dragon sword -- is the famous Chinese God of War. This magnificent Kuan Kong statue is made with excellent quality, vibrant colors, and superior detail.
Golden Dragon Statue
SKU: 4750
Featuring a magnificent dragon chasing a fiery red ball, this golden dragon statue is accentuated with excellent detail, fantastic craftsmanship, and beautiful accents to give this statue an absolutely flawless persona.
Golden Dragon Statue with Wealthy Pot
SKU: 4749
This magnificent golden dragon statue features the legendary golden dragon wrapped in clouds and chasing a fiery red ball on wealthy pot. The statue is detailed with elaborate detailing, excellent craftsmanship, and extravagant decoration.
Golden Dragon Statue
SKU: 4734
This phenomenal golden dragon is magnificently crafted with upmost detailing, vibrant jeweling, and a wonderfully powerful appearance. The dragon figurine is detailed with elaborate detailing and is shown roaring through clouds of gold ingots and coins.
Golden Dragon Tortoise Statue
SKU: 4591
This beautiful dragon tortoise, which has the head of dragon and the body of turtle, combines the feature of the dragon and turtle. Dragon symbolizes career success and courage and turtle is a creature of longevity.
Dragon Wealth Boat
SKU: 4566
This beautiful carved statue is filled with exquisite detailing, and carved with Chinese idioms. The idioms inscribed on the dragon’s sails wish its beholder a fruitful life, successful endeavors, and a harmonious journey.
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Solar Energy White Lucky Cat Statue
SKU: 4518
$9.99 $7.99
This white lucky cat statue is the one of the auspicious animals that can bring wealth and good luck. It is solar energy cat.
Solar Energy Golden Lucky Cat Statue
SKU: 4517
$9.99 $7.99
This golden lucky cat statue is solar energy operated. The waiving hand of the lucky cat is supposed to bring auspicious energy. Displaying it at home or business can attract wealth and good luck.
1/6 Hotu Keychain for Scholar Wisdom
SKU: 4501
Embellished with the image of the Wish Granting Tree and symbols of academic attainments and wisdom, this 1/6 Hotu Keychain for wisdom mirror is able to activate the wonderful scholastic energy of flying star combo #1 and #6.

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