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Bejeweled Cloisonne Wealth Bucket
SKU: 5243
This beautiful gold colored bucket is filled with perfectly sculpted gold feng shui ingots and Chinese coins. The bucket is exquisitely detailed with jewels, fine craftsmanship, and a Chinese inscription wishing good fortune.
5 Golden Fishes with Money Pot Statue
SKU: 5225
5-Fish and treasure pot is the symbol of wealth and prosperity. 5-Fish together is like one Chinese idiom WuFuLingMen (五福临门) which has the meanings of 5 different good luck coming to the door.
Wealth and Success Amulet Keychain
SKU: 5136
Carry this gorgeous Wealth and Success Amulet Keychain into the Year of the Rooster for prosperity and good fortune luck ! The Amulet features the Victory Banner, the Success Syllable, Chi Lin, and the Ru Yi.
Money Bag Keychain for Wealth
SKU: 4943
The good blessing keychain has one Chinese word GOOD LUCK with double fishes surrounded. This feng shui keychain has the meanings of wealth, happiness and good luck.
Flying Dragon 8-Rod Windchime
SKU: 4870
$46.00 $38.00
This feng shui Flying Dragon 8-rod windchime is beneficial to enhance one’s wealth luck and improve network. It is also a protection tool to ward off violent energy.
Gui Ren Windchime
SKU: 4869
$46.00 $38.00
This Gui Ren windchime bestows one with great benefactor luck, giving one the auspicious blessing from the legendary Jade Emperor (the symbolic figure of heavenly king), bringing helpful mentors and supportive friends into your life.
Flying Horse 9-Rod Windchime
SKU: 4868
$46.00 $38.00
It is believed that pegasus brings one promotion and recognition luck. Featured with positive yang energy, this windchime is a must have for office people.
Yellow Tara Mirror
SKU: 4827
$28.00 $24.00
As the Goddess of Wealth and Abundance, Yellow Tara has the power of bringing one wealth, creating abundance in life, and providing financial stability.
Golden Feng Shui Fish
SKU: 4764
Fish are widely used in feng shui as excellent representations of prosperity and good luck. This beautiful fish statue features two wonderfully crafted fish swimming among a sea of golden coins and waves.
Golden Money Bowl with Clear Stand
SKU: 4732
The wealth pot is delicately crafted to perfect detail, and the sparkling silver jewels add further sparkle to the gorgeous appearance. This golden money pot is the perfect feng shui enhancer to accumulate and increase money luck.
Feng Shui Ingot
SKU: 4731
This magnificent feng shui ingot is inscribed in wonderful cravings, detailing, jewels, and symbols. Golden ingots are magnificent symbols for financial success, monetary luck, and fruitful business endeavors.
Golden Monkey Statue with Feng Shui Ingot
SKU: 4728
Decorated with intricate detailing and wonderful craftsmanship, this golden monkey proudly holds a large golden ingot in its arms. The monkey is dressed in golden silk and seated triumphantly on a throne of golden coins.
Golden Monkey Statue with Feng Shui Coin
SKU: 4726
Seated upon a throne of gold ingots, this beautifully crafted monkey triumphantly holds a large golden coin with Chinese inscriptions for good luck. This wealth monkey figurine represents monetary prosperity, career luck, and a fruitful year.
Bejeweled Wealth Pot with Dragons
SKU: 4639
This beautifully crafted bejeweled wealth pot features a beautiful gold ingot cover, and powerful red dragons along the sides. This golden wealth pot is the perfect feng shui enhancer for activating wealth luck, and increasing auspicious chi.
Bejeweled Wealth Bucket
SKU: 4638
The coins and the red bucket are exquisitely detailed with jewels, fine craftsmanship, and a Chinese inscription wishing good fortune. Besides the abundance of gold ingots inside, the golden bucket also has representations of ru yi’s along the sides.
Money Tree with Evil Eye Jewels
SKU: 4607
This money tree features gold ingots and blue evil eye jewels. Money trees are used to attract riches effortlessly and abundantly. This beautiful symbol of wealth and prosperity has more positive strength when paired with evil eye jewels.
Wealth Pot Clip
SKU: 4570
$17.99 $13.99
The wealth pot is a strongly symbolic and meaningful vase said to help attract and maintain prosperity.The wealth pot clip is lined with glittery jewels and has a gold colored Chinese idiom inscribed.
Bai Choi
SKU: 4563
This beautiful bai choi statue’s vibrant colors and elegant detailing make it a perfect ornament for a home, office, business center, etc. Since antiquity, the bai chai has been seen as a powerful symbol of wealth and opulence in Chinese culture.

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