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Bejeweled Luohan for Scholastic Brilliance
SKU: 5133
$108.00 $98.00
Place this beautiful Bejeweled Luohan for Scholastic Brilliance in your home or office to activate scholastic luck and enhance the dedication, strength, intelligence, and focus needed for success in education and school.
Education and Scholastic Keychain
SKU: 5083
This beautiful education and scholastic keychain features a gorgeously detailed carp in a sea of blue and gold color. On the other side, the powerful dragon is depicted with the four scholastic objects for success and skill.
Scholastic Keychain
SKU: 4506
$19.99 $15.99
This scholastic keychain is not only beneficial for those who pursue a scholastic goal, but also for those who engage in any field that might require inspiration and creativity.
1/6 HOTU Mirror for Scholar Wisdom
SKU: 4477
$28.00 $23.99
Embellished with the image of the Wish Granting Tree and symbols of academic attainments and wisdom, this wisdom mirror is able to activate the wonderful scholastic energy of flying star combo #1 and #6.
1/6 Hotu Mirror for Scholastic Achievement
SKU: 4182
$28.00 $23.99
This precious mirror features the Rooster standing among the symbols of learning: scrolls, books and brushes. Zodiac Wise, the 1/6 charm is highly recommended for Rooster, Monkey, Dog and Sheep.
Bejeweled Golden Dragon Pendant
SKU: 4106
$19.99 $16.99
This vivid bejeweled dragon pendant can bring cosmic chi. It is the excellent activator to activate the good flying star One White which is in control of further education, official ranking, prosperity and relationship, especially good for business.
Education And Exam Talisman Card
SKU: 4082
This beautiful golden talisman card has talisman of successful education and exam on one side and powerful Taoist script on the reverse side. For those scholars or who need to take an exam, it is important to get such talisman card with you to help you...
Confucius Education Talisman Card
SKU: 4076
This beautiful handy pocket sized carrying along education talisman card has image of Confucius on one side and Chi Lin with book on the reverse side.
Red Scroll for Education
SKU: 4036
This red scroll has picture of one boy wearing square academic cap and reading a lot of books at night. The Chinese words on the top have the meanings of advanced education. Hanging such Chinese red scroll is good for education.
SKU: 3876
$78.00 $69.99
Confucius is the Father of Scholarly Luck. He, who was a Chinese thinker and social philosopher in 551 BC - 479 BC, is the ancestor of Confucianism.
Bejeweled Manjushri
SKU: 3662
$99.00 $88.00
Manjushri, standing on the left side of Sakyamuni Buddh, is one of the four Buddhist Buddha. Because of the moral superior, Manjushri is ranking the first of the Buddha and he is called the Dharma Prince. Manjushri stands for wisdom and knowledge.
Double Bejeweled Wu Lou Amulet
SKU: 3505
Wu lou is feng shui product for prevent from sickness. It is the symbol of good health and longevity. It is made of silver color metal and accented with dazzling crystals.
Silver Dragon Necklace
SKU: 3480
The necklace has the image of Dragon which is known as the auspicious animal to bring good chi. It is the one to welcome the Dragon for chinese Lunar New Year and delivering even more good fortune to you and your family.
Brass Kwan Yin Riding on Phoenix
SKU: 3320
$168.00 $148.00
This majestic looking brass kwan yin accented with crystal jewels is riding on phoenix. The Phoenix signifies rising and significant transformation of one's life. And Kwan yin known as the Goddess of Mercy is flying to where people need her help.
Jade Kuan Yin Necklace
SKU: 3204
Wearing jade kuan yin necklace can bring peace, good luck, good health and protections. Kuan yin can ward off bad spirit and help you solve problems.
Jade Pendant with Kuan Yin Inside
SKU: 3155
This jade pendant has golden kuan Yin inside. Golden Kuan Yin can help people overcome all kinds of problems. The golden Kuang Yin inside can rotate all time.
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Bejeweled White Tara
SKU: 3106
$99.00 $88.00
Tara is female Bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism. White Tara carrying herb is associated with longevity and healing. White Tara is also called white fertility tara. In addition, she is also known for wish-fulfilling, mercy and tranquility.
Bejeweled Golden Dragon Amulet KeyChain
SKU: 3071
$19.99 $15.99
It is believed that bejeweled golden dragon can bring cosmic chi. It is the feng shui product that is especially good for office. Dragon amulet is the excellent activator to activate the good flying star One White.

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