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2009 Chinese Horoscope – Tips for Year of Ox

Sorry for taking so long to post the 2009 Chinese Horoscope (Tips for Year of Ox) and thanks for our loyal customers’ patience. In order to made sure our 2009 Chinese horoscope more detailly and accutely, it takes a little longer. Fininally we reach our goal and post it at Chinese Horoscope – Feng Shui… Read More »

Two Items Updated

Item #1936 Six Buddha Statues and item #2216 Ox Figurines are unavailable. More Ox statues are at Ox Statues for Year of Ox.

Tabs for Product Details

We have added related products to almost every item. Therefore each  item has 3 Tabs at the page of Product Details. These 3 Tabs are Overview, Related Products and Tell a Friend. In the Tab of Related Products, you can find similar items in one page. Therefore it is easier to find and compare similar… Read More »