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By | April 30, 2009

Chinese horoscope dragon

Overall in 2009: The presence of three ominous stars Goushen, Guansuo and Suisha will result in sudden setbacks, villain, troubles and entanglements. Side issues or new problems crop up unexpectedly. Fortunately, the only lucky star Taiyin will curb the development of these menacing stars to certain extent. As an auspicious star that represents the softness and negative power, Taiyin star will gain you supports from female. It means you will appreciations and exaltation from nice female in the work. However, the tortures from Taisui (Grand Jupiter) will still ruin your plans, bring you anxiety and stress, which would distract you from the work and affect the progress of your career.

Career: Due to the benefactor star Taiyin, people around you, particularly female people around you who play as superior role in your work (like your female boss), will begin to look at your endeavors with quite different eyes, and intent to raise you to a higher position. Nevertheless, villains, gossips, resistances and troublemakers who are jealous of your rises that result from torture of Taiui will drag your feet to the success. You will benefit from exercising your forbearance and being modest to others.

Wealth: From regular income perspective, there is little fluctuation. But you still need to work hard to get what you want. Extra cost indicates due to the visit of wastage star Goushen, which causes unforeseen cost and accidental loss. To make a strategic monetary plan in advance is helpful for you.

Relationship: Even though single male Dragon people would work very harmoniously with female people, this relationship had no tendency to love.

Health: Dragon people are susceptible to accidents that would come in all of a sudden. These contingent injuries result from the evil stars Tiansha and Suisha. To concentrate your mind when you are working or doing any sports, especially when you are handling machines or driving vehicles.

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