Chinese Horoscope Snake 2024

By | January 17, 2024

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Snake in 2024: 

Taiyang(sun), known as the powerful supportive yang star, will bring Horoscope Snake people strong yang energy, elevating the general fortune of Snake people.  Taiyang signifies great benefactor luck, meaning Snake people will be blessed by the male or elder powerful people (for instance, a high rank male authority). However, the trespass of three other villainous stars also indicates emotional disturbance, theft, accidental injuries and losses. Tiankong (sky), a neutral star of enlightenment and creativity, will better one’s understanding in spiritual life and help to discover one’s inner path. The only caveat is Tiankong also distracts people’s attention and put them in unrealistic thinking.  

Suggestions for Career:  

The visit of Taiyang will bring one great support in the work, especially support from male. Though there are other two evil stars that may bring obstacles in the way, the powerful Taiyang star will help one to achieve one’s goal. Horoscope Snakes are easy to obtain appreciation and support from their male mentors. When one is proceeding to an important program, one had better try to cooperate with a male partner and consider more about their advice. Snake people should be aware of villains and backstabbers for the negative influences from Yinsha star. Side issues or sudden setbacks may arise due to being overconfident. 

Feng Shui Tips for Wealth:

Snake people who engage in business will especially enjoy their collaboration with male partners. If the job is associated with relationship work (such as salesman, insurance, real estate agent, lawyer, etc.), or one’s sale targets are mainly about male clients, the reward of one’s work will increase accordingly. Those who seek business expansion abroad or in distant locations will find good opportunities to actualize their plan. Huiqi star (unfavorable chi) will ruin a good opportunity if one does not follow up closely.

Suggestions for Relationship: 

The year of Dragon is a good time to find one’s potential partner. Taiyang star would brighten one’s image in one’s social life and make one’s social life easier than before. Nonetheless, female Snake people will enjoy a better love luck than male Snake people and become more attractive than usual since Taiyang represents male energy. Couples should have better self-control and not give in to temptation because they are prone to relationship entanglement this year for the romance luck, which is easy to cause troubles and torments.

Feng Shui Tips for Health:  

Huiqi star (unfavorable chi), will bring one ailments, emotional problems, and unexpected changes. Snake people also need to pay close attention to traffic safety because of the interference from Tiankong star. Stay focused and always be positive.

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