Chinese Horoscope Horse 2024

By | January 17, 2024

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Horse in 2024:

Horoscope Horse will face a lot of challenges this year due to the lack of supportive stars. One should beware of the portents and make provision for the covering attacks from three ominous stars Sangmen (funeral), Disang (loss) and Gushen (solitude) for they will pose great difficulties and bring about side issues on the course; Horoscope Horse need to have a second plan to adjust to sudden changes.

Suggestions for Career:

Horse people may need to work much harder since there are quite a few obstacles in the way. The presence of Sangmen star will cause some setbacks in the way. Backstabber and vicious competition occur in the work meanwhile. Nevertheless, the year of dragon is also the year of preparation for the future. Horse people can still receive help from the only positive star Dijie (solution), which suggests new discovery through the journey in the year of dragon. Hence, horoscope Horse can spend some time discovering new clients and strengthening the current business relationship.

Feng Shui Tips for Wealth: 

Without powerful wealth star in one’s constellation, the overall wealth fortune is low. Since the overall fortune fluctuates, it is necessary to adopt a conservative monetary plan, saving money for some unexpected incidents.

Feng Shui Tips for Relationship:

With the visit of Hongluang(love bird) star, the overall romance luck is on the rise. Nonetheless, the rising romance luck also brings forth emotional entanglement in relationships. Married couples may encounter third party, but singles are having good chances to meet their right ones.

Feng Shui Tips for Health:

The heavy workload this year will exhaust one’s body and mind, giving one lots of pressure. Disang star causes undeserved ill turn, while the other ominous star Sangmen might bring bloodshed, surgery, and other accident to one or one’s family. Pay close attention to traffic safety and digest system health.

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