Wearing Pig Bracelet is Recommended in the Year of Tiger 2010

By | January 7, 2010

In the year of the tiger 2010, tiger is sitting on the Tai Sui. On the another hand, pig is the friend of the tiger. Therefore use pig bracelet to cater to Tai Sui. Pig bracelet is one of the powerful talisman to release any conflicting energy offended by Tai Sui in the year of the tiger 2010

In addition, pig stands for affluence and truth. Pig bracelet can bring you good luck, wealth and harmony too. We have multi-color gemstone pig bracelets, rose quartz pig bracelets, green jade pig bracelets and amethyst pig bracelets. Those pig bracelets are consisting of a lot of all natural gemstones that are carved into pig images. It is well known that natual gemstone bracelets are good for health also.

Gemstone pig bracelets are good for everyone and good for all time, especially in 2010. May pig bracelet bring you full protections and happiness in the year of the tiger 2010: feng shui 2010.

pig bracelet

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