Flying Stars 2010 in Year of the Tiger

2010 is the Year of the Tiger which starts from Li Chun 02/04/2010. Chinese use heaven branch and earth branch to describe the Year. The heaven branch of the tiger year 2010 is Gen which belongs to Metal element; the earth branch of the tiger year 2010 is Yin which belongs to Wood element. Heaven branch destroy earth branch since metal destroy Wood. The Year of the Tiger will be a touch year. In addition, flying star 8 white, which is in charge of wealth, is besieged in the center. Economic will be stagnant this year.

There are nine main flying stars which are related to different aspects, such as wealth, relationship, health, etc. These nine flying stars are 1 white, 2 black, 3 jade, 4 green, 5 yellow, 6 white, 7 red, 8 white and 9 purple. The locations of the flying stars are changed every year. The locations of these 9 flying stars are as following map.

In addition of the 9 flying stars, there are three important aspects needed to pay attentions to: Tai Sui, Sui Po and Shan Sha. Tai Shui is the Grand Duke Jupiter. In the year of the Tiger 2010, Tai Sui is the tiger that is sitting on NE close to N. Sui Po is sitting on the opposite site of the Tai Sui. That is in SW close to S. And Shan Sha is in North. Keep in mind all time that Tai Sui, Sui Po and Shan Sha can not be offended. Don’t do any constructions in NE close to N, SW close to S and North. Keep these three locations in order and calm as much as possible. If you have any water fountain in these locations, don’t turn it on.

Details of the flying stars, Tai Sui, Sui Po and Shan Sha will be illustrated as followings. We also list some suggested items that can enhance the flying stars if those flying stars are good for us or decease their powers if those flying stars are not good for us.

We also list feng shui products that you can display in 9 different locations according to 2010 Flying Stars 2010. You can click Feng Shui Products to know what products you need in the year of the tiger 2010.

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