What is Tai Sui?

By | November 9, 2017

What is Tai Sui?
Tai Sui (太岁) is known as Grand Duke Jupiter. He is the star directly opposite to Jupiter and changes location every year according to the Jupiter. Tai sui is in charge of people’s fortune and world’s affairs in Taoism and feng shui,

There are 60 different Tai Sui who take turn to be in charge in a specific year since there are 10 Heaven Branches and 12 Earth Branches resulting in a 60 year cycle.

Most of the Tai Sui have military background, they are also referenced as military Generals. Therefore, the feature of the Tai sui and the weapon in each of the Generals signify what year it is under that General. For instance, if the Tai Sui is holding a pen in that year, it means that political stirring in that year. On the another hand, if the Tai Sui is holding a sword, it means to work hard and better in that year.

Who is the Tai Sui for 2018 Year of the Dog?
2018 is the year of the dog (戊戌年). The tai sui for 2018 is general Jiang Wu who is carrying one wat board in his hand (Wat board is the tool that person who needs to carry when he meets with the emperor. It is used as a notebook to write down important note on that wat board. Wet board is either made of jade, ivory or bamboo depending to the rank level).

2018 Tai Sui is sitting on NW position close to West. It afflicts to the dog zodiac and conflicts to dragon zodiac. Furthermore, Tai sui is also side against sheep zodiac and boar zodiac.

2018 Tai Sui

How can we do for Tai Sui 2018?
It is very important not to conflict Tai Sui. So you must not to do any construction in either NW (close to W) or SE (close to E) positions. Keep these two locations quiet. If you have water fountain in either of these locations, it is recommended not to turn on your fountain.

It is better to appease to Tai Sui. If your main door is located either in either NW (close to W) or SE (close to E), it is highly recommended to display one 2018 Tai Sui Plaque and one pair of pi yao to appease Tai Sui.

If you are born in either year of dog, dragon, sheep or board, one 2018 tai sui card with you is also highly recommended.

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