Pay Attention to Tai Sui

By | March 13, 2010

Tai Sui is the one of the flying star that is in charge of people’s fortune. There are 60 different Tai Sui in turn every year as a circle. Tai Sui is in different location yearly. In 2010 Year of the Tiger, Tai Sui is sitting on NE. It is believed that any constructions in NE and its opposite SW will offend Tai Sui. Remember not to do any constructions in NE and SW, even though punching one nail.

2010 is the Year of the Tiger, both people born in the year of the Tiger and Monkey are offending to Tai Sui. It is recommended to carry Tai Sui Talisman for people have Tiger zodiac sign and Monkey zodiac sign. Also it is better to hang Grand Duke Appeaser Amulet in the NE of the house.

Tai Sui Talisman

Since other two illness flying stars 2 Black and 5 Yellow are in NE and SW as well as Tai Sui, it is better to void sitting or working at those two locations for too long. If your main door is in SW location, hanging one 6 rod wind chime is good to lower its illness chi.

6 Rod Wind Chime

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