8 Feng Shui Tips for Good Feng Shui Bedroom

By | October 20, 2011

feng shui bedA feng shui bedroom is very important to us since we averagely spend 1/3 of our time in our bedroom. A good feng shui bedroom can produce nourishing and sensual energy. It has harmonious environment that we love to stay, enjoy and sleep. On the other hand, a bad feng shui bedroom can let lover argue, even separate and divorce. A bad feng shui bed can’t let people sleep well and causes sick.

Followings are the 8 feng shui tips for bedroom:

1. Take out of any TV, computers or big electric operated machine in your bedroom. Good chi will be destroyed if people keep these kinds of stuffs in their bedrooms.

2. Choose good location for your bed. Bed is better to have wall against it. Avoid any doors directly in the line of your feet point to when you sleep down. Besides this, any doors on the same wall of your headboard will let you feel unsafe and cause some problems. Furthermore, it will cause sick problems if your bathroom door inside your bedroom falls into your left side of your bed.

3. Avoid any high objects, such as cabinet, in the location where you face to when you sleep down. It is better to check this if quarrels are often happened with your lover.

4. Use soft colors in your bedroom to welcome calm and peace energy. In addition, the color of choosing is also very important since colors also stand for 5 Elements. Use the right color to let feng shui balance. See Feng Shui Colors for details of colors.

5. Display something that has good meaning in your bedroom. Mandarin ducks, gemstones, such as tumbled stones, ingots or coins, Wu Lou and some Lucky Charms are recommended. Avoid putting big animal statues in your bedroom since big animal statues will disturb your sleeping.

6. Use soft lights in your bedroom. Don’t let your bedroom too bright or too dim. Bedroom is better to have windows and let blind open at the daytime. In addition, open some windows to let fresh air flows into like good energy flows in.

7. Be careful to display flowers in your bedroom. Sometimes flowers in some specific locations can activate your Tao Hua and bring third party. See Activate Tao Hua – Peach Blossom Luck for details if you want to put flowers in your bedroom.

8. Choose gentle and peace pictures for your bedroom. Don’t display pictures related to violence, other portraits that are not related to your family and big animal pictures, such as tiger.

In general, a good feng shui bedroom will be comfortable and be a function for sleeping. The location of the bed in your bedroom is the most important aspect in arranging your feng shui bedroom.

2 thoughts on “8 Feng Shui Tips for Good Feng Shui Bedroom

  1. Mastery Academy

    Good post, Feng shui has some definite effects on one’s flow of energy if done correctly. In addition to that, knowing one’s personal Life Gua and respective sleeping direction can further enhance one’s energy and good sleep.

  2. nancy

    is good or bad having a picture of an angel in my bedroom .
    o any picture of my self in my bedroom

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