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Chinese lucky charms have feng shui charms, metal charms, crystal charms, jade charms, wooden charms, etc. Sizes have small charms for cellphone or car and big charms for home.  Wholesale charms including good luck charms and talisman amulets, such as feng shui keychains, auspicous amulets and feng shui lucky charms.

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New Year Charm - Fish with Money Bag
SKU: 4775
This beautiful New Year Decoration Charm features a beautifully designed fish plush figurine and a lovely money bag. In feng shui and Chinese culture, fish are used as symbols of success and good charms.
New Year Charm - Good Luck Charm
SKU: 4774
This wonderful good luck charm is the perfect ornament for your car, purse, wallet, home, or office! This beautifully designed good luck charm is jeweled with lovely sparkles and has lovely gold and silver accents on the smooth red fabric.
New Year Charm - Wealthy God with Lucky Firecrackers
SKU: 4773
The Wealth God is accompanied by a Chinese character meaning joy. The Wealth God is a powerful symbol widely used in China for the protection of business luck and advances in monetary chi. Hang this beautiful Wealth God firecracker for a blast into succes
New Year Charm - Wealthy God Bagua with Lucky Firecrackers
SKU: 4772
2016 and wonderful endeavors for you and your family! At the top of the firecracker hold features a beautifully designed bagua with the Wealth God depicted. Also, the bagua has two gold coins attached on each side.
New Year Charm - Fish with Lucky Firecrackers
SKU: 4771
The firecracker charm has a large, vibrantly colored fish figurine at the top of the firecrackers. These golden fish are popular representations of wealth and are used to attract wealth luck for its owners. The Chinese character for fish “yu” also mea
New Year Charm - Money Bag with Lucky Firecracker
SKU: 4770
This beautiful firework charm is detailed with wonderful design and color. At the top of the firework charm contains a money bag with a picture of a lucky fish. Both lucky fish and money pockets are used to enhance wealth and success for the coming 2016!
New Year Charm - Lucky Fireworks with Bai Choi charm
SKU: 4769
This lovely firework charm has vibrant colors and elegant detailing, and makes for a perfect ornament for a home, office, business center, or desk. This unique vegetable’s name “bai chai” can also be pronounced as “hundred wealth,” and is said..
New Year Charm - Lucky Fireworks with Bagua Charm
SKU: 4768
These excellently detailed fireworks have Chinese characters representing good luck and fortune, and hanging this firecracker charm in your home, business, or office will definitely increase the prosperity of this New Year! The bagua charm at the top...
New Year Charm - Lucky Firecrackers
SKU: 4767
Welcome 2016 with excellent charms and decorations for Chinese Year to enhance your prosperity, luck, and success for the 2016 Year of the Monkey! Fireworks have been widely used throughout China since antiquity to welcome the New Year and other joyous ho
Colorful Chi Lin Charm
SKU: 4687
This beautiful feng shui chi lin charm features on chi lin prominently standing in a midst of vibrant colors and decorations. Metal Chi Lin is one of the most auspicious animals in feng shui and represent good omen, prosperity and success.
Wealthy Vase Safety Charm
SKU: 4606
The charm’s center features a finely crafted wealthy vase ornament and Chinese idioms blessing its owner a fruitful life and good fortune.
Good Luck Charm
SKU: 4605
This beautiful good luck charm features a finely crafted red amulet charm with Chinese idioms wishing its beholder a blissful and prosperous life.
Zodiac Charm with Yin Yang
SKU: 4604
This beautiful charm features two major components of feng shui: the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals and a yin yang symbol. The lovely charm is complemented with a gorgeous red tassel and mystic knot: perfect for display in a car, room, office, shop, or home.
Safety Charm with Kuan YIn
SKU: 4603
This beautiful Kuan Yin charm is embellished with a Chinese inscription promising good fortune, and has a lovely Kuan Yin image in the middle. The Chinese inscription reads “chu zhu ping an,” meaning wishes for a safe journey and a prosperous life.
Bamboo Shaped Safety Charm
SKU: 4602
This beautiful bamboo safety charm is crafted with intricate designs and Chinese inscriptions wishing its beholder a safe and harmonious life. The Chinese words on the charm read “in and out safety,” representing great health, harmony, and peace.
Safety Charm with Wu Lou
SKU: 4601
The Chinese inscription reads “chu zhu ping an,” meaning wishes for a safe journey and a prosperous life. Wo Lou’s have been a popular symbol of good fortune and longevity since antiquity.
Buddha Feng Shui Wu Lou Charm
SKU: 4600
Placing a Buddha figure in a room, home, or office symbolizes wisdom, eternal harmony, peace, serenity, forgiveness, and knowledge, and Wo Lou’s have been a popular symbol of good fortune and longevity since antiquity.
Feng Shui Wu Lou Charm
SKU: 4599
This magnificent gold colored wo lou is decorated with intricate detailing and designs, and a Chinese inscription promising good fortune, wishes for a safe journey, and a prosperous life.

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