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Chinese Jade Statues, Jade Zodiac

Chinese jade statues have jade zodiac statues, jade plants, jade flowers, jade rabbit, jade peony, jade peach, jade ingot and jade grape at excellent price.  We also have jade pendants, jade bracelets, jade earrings and jade charms.

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Jade Peony Bouquet with Vase
SKU: 4676
This beautiful jade peony flower bouquet features beautifully crafted peony flowers in soft purple, pink, and vanilla colors.
White Jade Peony Flowers
SKU: 4674
The beautifully crafted peony blossoms are a lovely vanilla white color: the color of innocence and purity. The gorgeous peony flowers, elegant leaves, and wooden tree trunk are all designed and crafted with superior quality and care.
Yellow Jade Peony Flowers
SKU: 4673
This beautiful light yellow peony blossom tree emits lovely, light vibes, and is certain to give its owner a harmonious and calm atmosphere. Placing this beautiful peony flower bouquet in your room will not only bring beauty, but also arouse harmony.
Purple Jade Peony Flowers Tree
SKU: 4672
This beautiful purple peony flower tree features elegantly crafted peony flowers, beautifully carved leaves, and a lovely wooden trunk. The peony blossoms are beautifully colored in a light purple gloss, and possess a light, calming effect for its owner.
Jade Tangerine Plant
SKU: 4644
This beautiful tangerine plant features beautifully carved tangerines, detailed leaves, and a carefully crafted trunk. This tangerine plant is designed to look as natural as possible; placing this tangerine in your home will enhance good fortune.
White and Ruby Jade Peony Plant
SKU: 4643
The peony flowers are beautifully colored and have white, red, and light pink blossoms. The nicely pebbled vase and crafted pot add further beauty to this gorgeous display.
Jade Peony Bouquet with Vase
SKU: 4642
This beautiful peony flower display features mesmerizingly gorgeous peony flowers, delicately detailed leaves, and a lovely jade vase. The peony flowers are beautifully colored and have light purple, red, pink, and white blossoms.
Colorful Jade Peony Plant
SKU: 4630
The peony flowers are beautifully colored and have light pink, yellow, blue, red, and lovely white petals. The petals are elegantly crafted to look as natural as possible, and emit fine, lovely vibes.
Jade Michelia Figo Plant
SKU: 4629
The peony flowers are crafted with excellent detail, and are filled with vibrant coloring, a fine polished surface, and lovely petals. The peony flowers are a beautiful vanilla color, and perfectly match the light peach color of the inner petals.
Colorful Peony Plant
SKU: 4628
This magnificent peony flower tree is the perfect addition to your home or office, and emits lovely, calming vibes. The peony flower is widely known as the queen of all flowers, and is an excellent representation of happy youth, beauty, and affection.
Jade Peach
SKU: 3633
In Chinese culture, people like to display jade peach at home since jade peach is the symbol of good health. This jade peach has 9 big peaches on the tree. It comes with one black jade stone vase.
Jade Zodiac
SKU: 3604
This set has 12 different Chinese jade zodiac: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. You can choose zodiac option to choose what kind of jade zodiac you want.
Pair of Small Jade Ingots
SKU: 2800
Jade Ingot symbolizes wealth and prosperity. You can display this pair of the small jade ingots in one of the diagonal corners of your houses, office desk or shell to attract wealth chi into your house.
Jade Basket of Peony Flowers
SKU: 2526
Jade peony is the also the symbol of wealth in China. This jade product has one hexagon shape jade basket with jade peony flowers.
Jade Peony Plants
SKU: 2524
Jade peony tree is related to wealth and it represents wealth. People would like to display it at home/office to bring more money luck.
Jade Tangerine Plant
SKU: 1850
Tangerine plant in feng shui is very good symbol of feng shui. Chinese People like to display tangerines at home to bring good luck. It is the very powerful feng shui item to bring good luck chi to home.
Jade Peaches
SKU: 1833
Peach Tree is good symbol of long life. It is used to enhance health luck. This jade peach plant has 5 pieces of peaches and it is approx. 8" in height.
Jade Grapes
SKU: 776
To the Chinese legend, grape means It is the time to harvest. It means honey for love. It also signifies great success in the near future. Displaying such big bundle of grapes also can give you a good turn if you have a bad luck.

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