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Chinese Coins

Chinese ancient coins are usually referred to the Chinese coins in Qing dynasty. Qing dynasty is consisting of KangXi, yongzheng, Qianlong, guanshui, etc. Most of feng shui Chinese coins are I ching coins. In feng shui, people use I ching coins or feng shui money coins to foretell fortune or as fortune coins to bring wealth. The Chinese coins here are not real ancient coins. They are all artificial coins.  We wholesale Chinese coins too.

Feng shui coins have 3 coins, 6 coins and 8 coins, etc wealth Chinese coins as well as Chinese jade coins.  Usually 3 coins are used to be kept inside the pocket or wallet to enhance money energy.  6 coins are used to match the flying star #6 which is in charge of career whilst 8 coins are used to activate the money flying star #8.

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