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Jewelry Necklace Pendants, Jade Necklace Pendants

Jewelry necklace pendants have jade necklace pendants, gemstone necklace pendant, Tibetan Dzi necklaces, feng shui pendants and Chinese natural pearl necklaces.

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Green Tara Pendant
SKU: 5174
This beautiful gem-embedded colorful Buddha pendant is Green Tara sitting on lotus with Buddha light in her back. Wearing/carrying green tara pendant is believed that she can help her wearer overcome all kinds of obstacles in order to achieve success...
Golden Enthrallment Pendant
SKU: 4940
Featuring the auspicious mantra syllables and the powerful implements of the Goddess of Love and Enthrallment, this powerful golden enthrallment pendant is for its carriers to increase powers of attraction and magnetism. Wearing Golden Enthrallment Pen
Green Tara Pendant
SKU: 4939
Featuring one image of green tara on one side whilst mantra on the reverse, this green tara pendant is believed to bring her prayers blessings of success and good fortune.
Golden Medicine Buddha Pendant
SKU: 4929
$28.00 $22.00
This golden medicine Buddha pendant has the medicine Buddha in the center of the pendant with all the Mantra around the pendant. It is one of the best feng shui cures to sickness.
Guru Rinpoche Pendant
SKU: 4799
It is said that Nangzi Zilnon, the Guru Rinpoche, has the power to guide one overcomes all kinds of obstacles and negative emotional problems.
Powerful Protection Against 8 Kinds of Black Magic Medallion
SKU: 4503
This powerful protection amulet medallion is able to prevent one from becoming bewitched by love spells and send any black magic that cause you to fall sick, split from your family or engage in fights with the authorities back to where they came. One can
Feng Shui 5-Element Balancing Medallion Pendant
SKU: 4502
This feng shui 5-element Balancing Medallion neutralizes zodiac clashes and missing elements contained within your Paht Chee chart, unlocking your full potential and allowing your good fortune to ripen.
Shakyamuni Buddha Pendant
SKU: 4472
$17.99 $13.99
Omnipotent and omniscient, benevolent and benign, Shakyamuni Buddha is the ultimate Buddha. One can wear this Shakyamuni Buddha pendant to ward off any evil spirits and invoke auspicious blessing.
Prosperity Medallion Pendant
SKU: 4471
This Prosperity medallion pendant safeguards one's wealth against financial draining. It is also a great money fortune enhancer.
Leaf Shape Jade Pendant
SKU: 4300
Wearing such green Chinese leaf-shape jade pendant can bring you beauty as good luck, peace and health. In addition, leaf in feng shui represents new life and beginning.
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Sailing Boat Jade Pendant
SKU: 4294
This round jade pendant embedded with sailing boat image. Sailing boat in feng shui represents to bring wealth as well as Doing Everything Well.
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Drop-Shaped Jade Pendant
SKU: 4293
This drop-shaped Chinese jade pendent with one shinning crystal on the top can enhance its wearer's beautiful as well as bring good health.
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Oval-Shaped Jade Pendant
SKU: 4292
This oval-shaped jade pendant embedded with 3 crystals on the top is like the turtle. Wearing such beautiful turtle-shaped jade pendant can ward off sickness energy and bring good health.
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Rotatable Drum-Shaped Jade Pendant
SKU: 4291
This rotatable drum-shaped pendant embedded with crystals on the top can enhance your beauty and bring you confidence.
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Jade Dragon Pendant
SKU: 4270
This beautiful long rectangle shape jade pendant embedded with dragon image is believed to bring prosperity, wealth and good luck.
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Heart-Shaped Jade Pendant
SKU: 4269
This heart-shaped jade pendant decorated with owl-shaped hooker and crystal on the top is used to improve romantic love and love life.
Pepper-Shaped Jade Pendant
SKU: 4268
Wearing such beautiful pepper-shaped jade pendant can ward off bad spirit and bring good health since pepper in feng shui can keep bad chi away.
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Heart-Shaped Jade Pendant
SKU: 4267
This heart-shaped jade pendant embedded with rose-shaped flower and crystal is used to enhance romantic love since heart and rose are both represent love and romantic.

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