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Chinese Buddhism Gods has Buddha statues, Kuan Yin, Kuan Kong, Three Gods, lucky figurines, incenses and incense burners as Buddha supplies.

Buddha statues had big Buddha, small Buddha, happy Buddha, laughing Buddha, meditation Buddha, medicine Buddha, Buddha pendants, Buddha charms, Buddha supplies.  Hindu Buddha, Tai Buddha and ganesh Buddha are also included.

Kuan Yin has Kuan Yin statues, kuan Yin pendants, kuan yin charms and kuan yin vases.


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Green Chinese Buddha Statue
SKU: 5257
This smiling green Buddha statue is featured holding crystal ball with dragon fish, big ingot and wu lou on the side. He is standing on an elegant wooden like stand to welcome in more career opportunities, wealth inflow, and more business. This Buddha is
Thai Buddha Statue
SKU: 5256
This sitting Thai Buddha statue is believed to bring peace and relaxation. Displaying him at home can refresh mind and help people calm down.
Zen Garden with Ganesh Statue
SKU: 5255
Ganesha Hindu God is the elephant headed god who is believed to brings happiness and harmony to family and remove all obstacles. Lighting up tea candle and incense can clean environment, bring auspicious energy as well as smooth down human minds, prompt p
Small Desktop Zen Garden with Buddha Image
SKU: 5254
Buddha is the symbol of kindness, happiness, knowledge and illumination. Laughing Buddha is believed to bring happiness, good luck and prosperity in. Displaying such small zen garden with Buddha image at home can bring peace, calmness and relaxation.
Laughing Buddha Metal Charm
SKU: 5253
Featuring of image of laughing Buddha on one side and dragon image on the reverse side, this metal laughing Buddha charm is used as amulet charm to bring happiness, wealth and protection.
Guan Yin Metal Charm
SKU: 5252
Featuring of image of Guan Yin on one side and dragon image on the reverse side, this metal charm is used as protection charm as well as lucky charm.
Golden Lying Down Happy Money Buddha
SKU: 5224
Featuring of lying down on beds of Chinese coins and ingots and holding one big ingot in his hand, this golden lying down happy money Buddhas statue represents relaxation, joy and wealth. Furthermore, wu lou with him is the symbol of good health.
Golden Standing Guan Gong Statue Holding Guan Dao
SKU: 5182
This beautiful shinning golden guan gong, dressed in a dragon robe and carrying Guan Dao dragon sword, is the famous Chinese God of War. He is is known as the symbol of victory, protection, and wealth.
Golden Guan Yin Statue
SKU: 5181
Sitting on one lotus flower pedestal and carrying one green color vase, this golden Kuan Yin statue is using water in her vase to help and bring us good luck, good health and auspicious energy.
Green Tara Pendant
SKU: 5174
This beautiful gem-embedded colorful Buddha pendant is Green Tara sitting on lotus with Buddha light in her back. Wearing/carrying green tara pendant is believed that she can help her wearer overcome all kinds of obstacles in order to achieve success...
Buddha Tabletop Fountain
SKU: 5172
This stone-like dark brown Buddha fountain features of one meditating Buddha holding one crystal and sitting on lotus. When the pump is plugged in, water will pumped up to the crystal ball and make the ball running. Displaying it at home/office to incre
Pair of Auspicious Candles
SKU: 5169
Featuring the lucky Chinese phrase of “Zhao Cai Gin Bao” – bring in fortune and gold – this pair of auspicious red candles is embellished with gold detailing, lotus flowers, and excellent craftsmanship.
Pair of Good Luck Candles
SKU: 5168
Shimmering in a vibrant red color, this pair of Good Luck Candles features a lotus base, gold accents, and Chinese inscriptions for good luck. The Chinese symbol “fu” is featured in gold, and means good luck.
Pair of Double Happiness Lamps
SKU: 5167
This Pair of Double Happiness Lamps serves as the perfect ornament for granting you and your family prosperous chi and good blessings throughout the year!
Goddess Kuan Yin with Garuda
SKU: 5134
The magnificent statue features the Goddess Kuan Yin with a garuda, and is embellished with lovely golden and white color. This is the perfect feng shui cure for protection against illness, misfortunes, negative chi, and hindrances.
Bejeweled Luohan for Scholastic Brilliance
SKU: 5133
$108.00 $98.00
Place this beautiful Bejeweled Luohan for Scholastic Brilliance in your home or office to activate scholastic luck and enhance the dedication, strength, intelligence, and focus needed for success in education and school.
Bejeweled Buddha Acala
SKU: 5113
Use this bejeweled buddha acala for protection for the Year of the Rooster. The ornament is embellished in gold and red color, and features the powerful Buddha Acala on a lotus seat.
Wealth King Gesar Statue
SKU: 5077
King Gesar is widely known as the God of Wealth in Chinese culture, and is often shown in luscious royal robes of prosperity, and wearing a crown of wealth.

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