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Feng Shui tips and Items for Love

Feng shui tips for love: The feng shui love corner by personal gua number is Yan Nian corner or in the Southwest location by bagua. Furthermore, you also can check annual feng shui tips 2016 and put some feng shui items in the flying star #1 love position to attact your feng shui romance love or cure. 

Followings are some suggested feng shui items for love.  

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Heart Shaped Double Happiness Sign
SKU: 4958
This heart shaped Double Happiness sign is the love sign and marriage. It is used to attract and enhance love. The shape of the heart enhances its power. It is also representing harmony marriage.
Heart Shaped Double Happiness Sign
SKU: 4957
Featuring Chinese paper cut distinctive visual art with images of double mandarin ducks and flowers, this heart shaped double happiness sign is supposed to bring harmony and luck. It is good for marriage, wedding or who is looking for love.
Purple Crystal Lotus Candle Holder
SKU: 4946
Crystal lotus stands for purity and peace. It is widely used to create harmony and attract love chi. Lighting one candle enhances your romantic and love chance. You can display this purple lotus crystal in your Love Position of your house.
Peace and Harmony Amulet for Overcoming Quarrels and Disharmony
SKU: 4857
Featuring one Chinese blue vase with Tibetan powerful syllable and rooster image on both sides of the center of the vase, this Peace and Harmony Amulet is a powerful remedy to the violence, disharmony and robbery.
Bejeweled Lovely Peacock on Pedestal
SKU: 4648
This beautiful bejeweled peacock is available to two styles – one with a blue tail and another with a green tail – and is draped in beautiful jewels, vibrant colorings, and a lovely crown: symbolizing its immense power and beauty.
Bejeweled Peacock
SKU: 4647
This lovely peacock is available in two colors – red and blue – and is accentuated with vibrant colors, beautiful jewels, and a fabulous tail. The peacock’s luscious tail feathers shine and sparkle, and are powerful representations for positive chi.
Four Friends Mirror
SKU: 4473
$28.00 $23.99
Featuring the legendary four friends - the Bird, the Elephant, the Monkey and the Rabbit, this four-friend mirror signifies strong friendship bonds. One can use it to highlight his/her social images and impression, bring in harmony in life.
Love and Harmony Key Chain
SKU: 4406
This golden feng shui keychain has features of fan shaped with one double happiness in the center and 2 mystic knots on both sides. Carrying such feng shui keychain can dissolve disharmony and bring love.
Feng Shui Mandarin Ducks
SKU: 4399
Feng shui mandarin ducks are the symbol of happiness, conjugal fidelity and happy marriage. This pair of lovely wooden like mandarin ducks on lotus has the significance of truly love as well as bringing love chance.
Heart-Shaped Jade Pendant
SKU: 4269
This heart-shaped jade pendant decorated with owl-shaped hooker and crystal on the top is used to improve romantic love and love life.
Heart-Shaped Jade Pendant
SKU: 4267
This heart-shaped jade pendant embedded with rose-shaped flower and crystal is used to enhance romantic love since heart and rose are both represent love and romantic.
Bejeweled Silver Color Double Happiness Symbol Amulet Keychain
SKU: 4205
Elegantly designed, this precious bejeweled silver color Double Happiness symbol amulet keychain is able to purify one's love energy and offer the better chance for one to meet his/her potential soul mate.
Love Nest for Single
SKU: 4155
All these powerful Feng Shui symbols placed within the ceramic heart shape box are called Love Nest, which creates charmingly cosmic energy to foster a single's love energy and help one to attract his/her soul mates.
Love Nest for Couple
SKU: 4154
All these powerful Feng Shui symbols placed within the ceramic heart shape box are called Love Nest, which creates charmingly cosmic energy to support couples or people who are in love.
Harmony Talisman Card
SKU: 4083
This beautiful golden talisman card has talisman of harmony luck on one side and powerful Taoist script on the reverse side. It has the script to let your family or couple harmony.
Tangerine Feng Shui Symbol
SKU: 3944
Tangerine is one of the auspicious feng shui symbols to bring good fortune. It signifies DOING EVERYTHING WELL and WISHES COMING TRUE. Display such Tangerine feng shui symbol at home can also bring good health and wealth.
4 Friends Windchime
SKU: 3874
$66.00 $48.00
This brass 4 friends wind chime is specially designed for the cure of the flying star Five Yellow and illness star 2 Black. It also features of the double happiness surrounded mystic knot symbols to magnify friendship luck and turn casual platonic friend
Peace and Harmony Amulet
SKU: 3850
$26.99 $21.99
This Peace & Harmony Amulet consists of 3 parts - red Ksitigharbha fireball amulet, bejeweled apple amulet and leaf. Carrying such Peace & Harmony Amulet can bring peace and harmony.

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