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5 Rats
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Feng Shui Items

This category contains other feng shui items, such as feng shui compass, feng shui mobiles, feng shui flute, feng shui money tree, double happiness sign, Bai Choi, salt lamp, mystic knots, red tassel, zen garden, lucky bamboo plants and kinetic art, etc feng shui items.

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Bejeweled Cloisonne Wealth Bucket
Feng Shui 5 Element Candle Holders
Rhinoceros and Elephant in Natural Habitat
$95.00 $86.00
Polar Star Enhancer
Guru Rinpoche Sticker
Anti Burglary and Violence Window Sticker
Ox and Rat Big Auspicious Energizer
Precious Mountain
8 Wealth Trees
Blue Rhino and Elephant Decals Sticker
Guru Rinpoche Sticker
Hayagriva Mandala sticker
Evil Eye Sticker
Feng Shui Money Coin Sword
Heart Shaped Double Happiness Sign