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This category contains other feng shui items, such as feng shui compass, feng shui mobiles, feng shui flute, feng shui money tree, double happiness sign, Bai Choi, salt lamp, mystic knots, red tassel, zen garden, lucky bamboo plants and kinetic art, etc feng shui items.

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Feng Shui Money Coin Sword
SKU: 5006
This high quality feng shui sword is consisting of four money swords (2 swords in each side) and one big mystic knot and double red tassel. which is composited by a lot of thick good quality Chinese I chi coins. Money coin sword is used to ward off bad s
Heart Shaped Double Happiness Sign
SKU: 4958
This heart shaped Double Happiness sign is the love sign and marriage. It is used to attract and enhance love. The shape of the heart enhances its power. It is also representing harmony marriage.
Heart Shaped Double Happiness Sign
SKU: 4957
Featuring Chinese paper cut distinctive visual art with images of double mandarin ducks and flowers, this heart shaped double happiness sign is supposed to bring harmony and luck. It is good for marriage, wedding or who is looking for love.
Double Happiness Sign with Mandarin Duck Sticker
SKU: 4951
Featuring Chinese paper cut distinctive visual art with images of double happiness, mandarin ducks and lotus, this double happiness sign is supposed to increase harmony love and and marriage.
Big Electric Salt Lamp
SKU: 4945
Salt lamp is a lamp carved from salt crystal. Lighting up one tea candle inside the salt lamp can clean air, enhance positive energy and improve romantic love.
Bai Choi for Business
SKU: 4944
Bai Choi has the meanings of wealth since Bai Choi is pronounced as hundreds of wealth in Chinese. Most business men would like to display Bai Choi in their officer to welcome money luck and boom business.
Anti Burglary & Violence Window Sticker
SKU: 4858
These beautiful protective window stickers feature a powerful Dakini Amulet in the center to prevent one from thieves and robbers. One can attach these wonderful amulet stickers onto the vehicle windscreen and home windows to keep safe against robbery and
Blue Water Wave
SKU: 4834
Infused with heavenly auspicious water power, this blue water wave is able to improve one's network and bring benefactors into life. For singles, this Blue Water Wave can be also a powerful tool to attract romance luck.
Guru Rinpoche Window Sticker
SKU: 4789
It is said that Nangzi Zilnon, the Guru Rinpoche, has the power to guide one overcomes all kinds of obstacles and negative emotional problems.
Green Tara Window Sticker
SKU: 4788
Green Tara is the omnipotent Buddha who responds to her prayer in a quick manner, bringing her prayers blessings of success and good fortune.
Golden Money Bowl with Clear Stand
SKU: 4732
The wealth pot is delicately crafted to perfect detail, and the sparkling silver jewels add further sparkle to the gorgeous appearance. This golden money pot is the perfect feng shui enhancer to accumulate and increase money luck.
Bejeweled Wealth Pot with Dragons
SKU: 4639
This beautifully crafted bejeweled wealth pot features a beautiful gold ingot cover, and powerful red dragons along the sides. This golden wealth pot is the perfect feng shui enhancer for activating wealth luck, and increasing auspicious chi.
Bejeweled Wealth Bucket
SKU: 4638
The coins and the red bucket are exquisitely detailed with jewels, fine craftsmanship, and a Chinese inscription wishing good fortune. Besides the abundance of gold ingots inside, the golden bucket also has representations of ru yi’s along the sides.
Evil Eye Tree with Golden Coins
SKU: 4623
This lovely money tree features gold ingots, red ribbons, and blue evil eye jewels: a perfect ornament for a desk, room, office, or room. Money trees are popularly used in Chinese culture as a way to attract and obtain riches effortlessly and abundantly.
Money Tree with Evil Eye Jewels
SKU: 4607
This money tree features gold ingots and blue evil eye jewels. Money trees are used to attract riches effortlessly and abundantly. This beautiful symbol of wealth and prosperity has more positive strength when paired with evil eye jewels.
Bai Choi
SKU: 4563
This beautiful bai choi statue’s vibrant colors and elegant detailing make it a perfect ornament for a home, office, business center, etc. Since antiquity, the bai chai has been seen as a powerful symbol of wealth and opulence in Chinese culture.
NGAN CHI Wealth Tree
SKU: 4494
$98.00 $88.00
This Tree of Wealth is featured with the silver trunk and purple starry flower to best capture the blissful energy of propitious star 9 Purple, which brings forth joyous energy such as the "Ngan Chi", the monetary fortune.
Lotus Root
SKU: 4488
$78.00 $58.00
One golden lotus root on water with coins is the feng shui enhancer to stimulate rank of status and career promotion. In Chinese culture, the Lotus Root represents excellent promotional and educational fortune.

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