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Guan Yin goddess is Chinese goddess who usually carries one vase in her hand.  Guan Yin is also known as kwan yin or quan yin. There are guanyin statues, kwan yin pendants or necklaces, guan yin charms and supplies, such as kwan yin pictures, guan yin vases and kuan yin cups, etc in this category.

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Guan Yin Metal Charm
SKU: 5252
Featuring of image of Guan Yin on one side and dragon image on the reverse side, this metal charm is used as protection charm as well as lucky charm.
Golden Guan Yin Statue
SKU: 5181
Sitting on one lotus flower pedestal and carrying one green color vase, this golden Kuan Yin statue is using water in her vase to help and bring us good luck, good health and auspicious energy.
Goddess Kuan Yin with Garuda
SKU: 5134
The magnificent statue features the Goddess Kuan Yin with a garuda, and is embellished with lovely golden and white color. This is the perfect feng shui cure for protection against illness, misfortunes, negative chi, and hindrances.
3D Sitting Guan Yin Picture
SKU: 4678
This beautiful 3D Kuan Yin picture has a lovely Kuan Yin image seated on top of a lotus flower and radiating rays of compassion and wisdom. This magnificent picture can be displayed in a car, home, and purse, and can grant its owner peace and happiness.
White Kuan Yin Vases
SKU: 4615
These beautifully crafted Kuan Yin Vases are brilliantly colored, and delicately detailed. Each vase has beautiful lotus petal designs on the lids, a beautiful gold colored lotus colored painting and gold-colored Buddhist script.
Beaded Kuan Yin Charm
SKU: 4594
This beautifully crafted Kuan Yin amulet charm is embellished with numerous beads and has a lovely Kuan Yin image in the middle. Kuan Yin is loved for her omniscient ability to lead people to happiness and ease the world of sorrow and despair.
Beaded Kwan Yin Amulet Charm
SKU: 4593
This beautifully crafted Kuan Yin amulet charm is embellished with numerous beads and has a lovely Kuan Yin image in the middle. As the “one who hears the cries of the world,” Kuan Yin is loved for her ability to instill harmony and good fortune.
Thousand Armed Kuan Yin Crystal Sphere With Lotus Stand
SKU: 3880
This gorgeous crystal sphere with one exquisite lotus base has images of 1000 armed kuan yin and om mani padme hum mantras on it. 1000 armed kuan yin can help you accomplish your wishes and smoothen your life.
Guan Yin Statue
SKU: 3548
This beautiful porcelain Guan yin statue sitting on lotus and carrying vase with one leaf on her another hand. Something like fire on her back stands for Buddha light.
Brass Kwan Yin Riding on Phoenix
SKU: 3320
$168.00 $148.00
This majestic looking brass kwan yin accented with crystal jewels is riding on phoenix. The Phoenix signifies rising and significant transformation of one's life. And Kwan yin known as the Goddess of Mercy is flying to where people need her help.
Jade Kuan Yin Necklace
SKU: 3204
Wearing jade kuan yin necklace can bring peace, good luck, good health and protections. Kuan yin can ward off bad spirit and help you solve problems.
Jade Pendant with Kuan Yin Inside
SKU: 3155
This jade pendant has golden kuan Yin inside. Golden Kuan Yin can help people overcome all kinds of problems. The golden Kuang Yin inside can rotate all time.
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Water Fountain with Guan Yin
SKU: 2880
$96.00 $88.00
Smiling Guan Yin is sitting on the side of the water fountain. Guan Yin will protect your home and the running water will bring you prosperity.
Kuan Yin Charm
SKU: 2595
The crystal charm with Feng Shui knot and red tassel has the image of Kuan Yin. She is standing on lotus and using water in her vase to help people. White cloth she dresses and lotus she stands on represent purity.
Kuan Yin Necklace
SKU: 2523
$22.99 $19.99
Wearing Kuan Yin necklace is believed to bring peace, good luck and protections. This kuan yin necklace is made of yellow jade which is also good for health.
Kuan Yin
SKU: 2322
Kuan yin sitting on lotus carrrying vase is Chinese Buddha. There is one little Buddha image in her head. The white spot in her head represents Buddha light.
Small Guan Yin on Lotus
SKU: 2115
Guan Yin sitting on lotus is always using the water in her carrying vase to help people solve all kinds of problems, such as disease, troubles. There is also Buddha light, which can bring illumination to people, behind her.
Kuan Yin Bringing Children
SKU: 2013
Kuan Yin is also called Goddess of Mercy. She always helps people who in depression and difficulty go through their tough life. She is also said that she can bring children to whom wishes to have children.

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