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Special Metal Cures

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Feng shui items in this category are specially metal-made feng shui gifts to be used as metal cures.  Varieties of the feng shui supplies are available for wholesale either online or in our San Diego feng shui store. 

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Golden Mantra Pagoda
SKU: 4861
Applying the peaceful Heart Sutra and pagoda as a cure, this tool is perfect remedy for Five yellow in the west region. One can also fill it with five scoops of soil before they do the arrangement.
Big Victory Banner Success Amulet
SKU: 4612
Victory banners are one of the eight auspicious objects, and are widely known for their powerful abilities to boost career success, increase one’s wisdom, provide good luck chi, and help guide one towards recovery.
Bejewelled Five Spoked Dorje
SKU: 4495
$78.00 $68.00
As the implement of the omnipotent Lotus Buddha, this auspicious bejeweled Five Spoked Dorje possesses the power of protection and harmonious blessing.
NGAN CHI Wealth Tree
SKU: 4494
$98.00 $88.00
This Tree of Wealth is featured with the silver trunk and purple starry flower to best capture the blissful energy of propitious star 9 Purple, which brings forth joyous energy such as the "Ngan Chi", the monetary fortune.
Bejeweled Vairocana Stupa
SKU: 4489
Embellished with the 8 Auspicious Symbols, this propitious bejeweled Vairocana stupa is able to protect one against harm brought by violence and aggression. It mollifies conflicts, minimizing the harm.
Heart Sutra Pillar
SKU: 4469
$78.00 $58.00
Applying the peaceful Heart Sutra and pagoda as a cure, this tool is perfect remedy for Five yellow in the west region. One can also fill it with five scoops of soil before they do the arrangement.
Wish Granting Tree
SKU: 4232
$76.00 $66.00
Elegantly and delicately designed, this wish granting tree is not only a great curer to disharmony in relationship, but also a wonderful feng shui enhancer to usher in joyous energy into life.
White Umbrella Goddess Mirror
SKU: 4220
$42.50 $38.50
The White Umbrella mirror has image of White Umbrella Goddess on one side and powerful seed syllable on the reverse side. White Umbrella Goddess is the goddess of the White Parasol who known as Sitatapatra. She uses her white parasol to shield us from ...
3 Legged Bird with 3 Suns
SKU: 4219
$42.50 $38.50
The 3 Legged Bird with 3 Suns Amulet Keychain has image of 3-legged bird on one side whilst 3 suns on the another side. The Three-Legged-Bird is capable of elevating one's status in his career, and thus a great fame and success enhancer.
Brass Chi Lin
SKU: 4138
This beautiful pair of brass chi lin known as dragon horse is one of the best feng shui enhancers to bring wealth and success. It is also the cure to stop losing money. Further more, chi lin is also the heaven creature to bring offspring to people.
Longevity Knowledge Vase
SKU: 4100
$108.00 $98.00
The longevity knowledge vase amulet is the feng shui cure to ward off sickness energy and bring good health. It is related to Amitayus Buddha who is the Buddha of longevity, merit and wisdom. This amulet is one of the most powerful healing amulets.
Bejeweled Kalachakra Stupa
SKU: 4099
$238.00 $218.00
This magnificent bejeweled Kalachakra Stupa is used to enhance career luck and monetary fortune by feng shui. Displaying in west or Southwest in coming year 2014.
Bejeweled Camel
SKU: 3911
This bejeweled two-humped camel carrying jewelry and 3 bells on both sides is the feng shui animal to lead you out of your financial problems. It is important to have it at home or office if you have any financial problems.
Cross Vajra Bell with Windhorse Images
SKU: 3909
$66.00 $59.00
This beautiful high quality Vajra bell has one cross vajra on the top of bell and windhorse images on the bell. Vajra Bell is also called Dorje Ring Bell.
Vajra Bell with 8 Auspicious Symbols
SKU: 3908
$66.00 $59.00
This beautiful high quality Vajra bell has Tibetan 8 auspicious symbols. Vajra bell is also called Dorje Ring Bell. People usually holding one Vajra Bell in left hand and one metal vajra in right hand recite Buddha songs to ward off bad spirits.
Ksitigarbha with 3 Celestial Protectors
SKU: 3895
$99.00 $88.00
3 Celestial Protectors are Fu Dog (foo dog), Chi Lin and Pi Yao. Ksitigarbha is known as 'Earth Treasury". Ksitigarbha with 3 Celestial Protectors is the best feng shui cure to 3 Killings which cause 3 types of misfortune - loss of wealth, loss of loved
Pair of Golden Camels
SKU: 3886
$148.00 $128.00
Pair of the golden camel stepping on the bed of ingots is the powerful feng shui product to protect your business. It can help you overcome financial difficulties and safeguard your wealth.
Wish Granting Tree with Lucky Charms
SKU: 3875
This wish granting tree embedded with a lot of lucky charm is one of the most recommended feng shui items. It can bring new opportunities, enhance auspicious energy , bring good fortune and protect from money loss.

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