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Talisman Amulets, Protection Talismans, Feng Shui Amulets

Talisman amulets have protection talismans, feng shui talismans and lucky amulets. Feng shui amulets are common used as feng shui cures or feng shui enhancers.

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Wall Hanging Elephant Charm with Evil Eyes
SKU: 4297
This wall hanging protection charm has elephant with evil eyes. It is believed that evil eyes can see the evil spirits so that they can keep you away evil spirits. Evil eyes also can guard you from jealousy.
Blue Evil Eyes on Horse Shoe Wall Hanging Amulet Charm
SKU: 4296
This horse shoe wall handing amulet charm has blue evil eyes and elephant is for protection as well as bringing good luck.
Hamsa Hand Wall Hanging Amulet Charm
SKU: 4295
This red color background Hamsa hand wall hanging amulet charm with several blue color evil eyes attached has image of double fishes and evil eye in the center. One elephant On the top of the amulet charm stands for good luck.
Bejeweled White Windhorse Stepping on Mountain Amulet Keychain
SKU: 4227
This white windhorse amulet keychain has one absolutely gorgeous bejeweled white windhorse accented with sparkling crystals and gold trappings carrying diamond jewel of victory and stepping on the mountain with mantra.
Heaven Luck Activator Amulet
SKU: 4215
Featuring the Jade Emperor with six coins of abundance on one side, this precious amulet is able to bring auspicious cosmic energy into your life. The image of Yu Huang Dadi on one side is the Heaven Luck Activator to activate blessings, good health and..
Bejeweled Silver Color Double Happiness Symbol with Love Knot Frame Keychain
SKU: 4206
Elegantly designed, this precious bejeweled silver color Double Happiness amulet keychain with love knot frame is able to purify one's love energy and offer the better chance for one to meet his/her potential soul mate.
Bejeweled Silver Color Double Happiness Symbol Amulet Keychain
SKU: 4205
Elegantly designed, this precious bejeweled silver color Double Happiness symbol amulet keychain is able to purify one's love energy and offer the better chance for one to meet his/her potential soul mate.
Annual Protection Amulet
SKU: 4204
This is a universally suitable yet rather potent amulet. Featuring the Tribute Horse with a glistening wish-fulfilling jewel on its back, this amulet is able to unlock all the abundance available.
The Kalachakra Mandala Mirror Keychain
SKU: 4203
This Kalachakra Mandala mirror amulet features the Mandala of the Kalachakra Tantra. Having this amulet in one's home can bring in the pure cosmic energy of celestial mansion of Shambala.
The Eight Petal Lotus Mirror of Manjushri Keychain
SKU: 4202
As a secret mirror amulet of the Wisdom Buddha Manjushri, this is one of the most powerful defense tools for shielding one from both physical harm caused by dangerous people and spiritual harm from malevolent spirits.
Fire Protection Wheel Mirror of Avalokiteshvara Keychain
SKU: 4201
This Fire Protection Wheel Mirror of Avalokiteshvara mirror features the Tantric chakra fire wheel of Avalokiteshvara (Kuan Yin) and is an incredibly powerful tool to disarm strong hostility and opposition directed at you.
Inner Celestial Mansion of Avalokteshvara keychain
SKU: 4200
This mirror is an incredibly powerful medium to channel auspicious blessings from the inner celestial mansion of Avalokiteshvara! The Inner Celestial Mansion of Avalokiteshvara is the inner pure land abode of Avalokiteshvara, the abiding place of ...
Double Pyramid Red Goddess Mirror KeyChain
SKU: 4199
Featuring the protective double pyramid star of the Fierce Red Mother Goddess, this powerful mirror amulets is able to defect harm brought by gossip, slander and dark magic.
White Umbrella Goddess Mirror Amulet Keychain
SKU: 4191
The amulet keychain has image of White Umbrella Goddess on one side and powerful seed syllable on the reverse side. White Umbrella Goddess is the goddess of the White Parasol who known as Sitatapatra. She uses her white parasol to shield us from ...
3 Legged Bird with 3 Suns Amulet Keychain
SKU: 4190
The 3 Legged Bird with 3 Suns Amulet Keychain has image of 3-legged bird on one side whilst 3 suns on the another side. The Three-Legged-Bird is capable of elevating one's status in his career, and thus a great fame and success enhancer.
Kalachakra Stupa Keychain with Lotus Hum
SKU: 4189
With elegantly designed image of the Kalachakra Stupa and the HUM syllable sitting on a Pink Lotus, this amulet is a rather potent tool to help one overcome the Five Yellow as well as enhance career luck.
Blue Rhino and Elephant Amulet - Anti-Burglary Keychain
SKU: 4188
This round mirror-shape amulet keychain has image of blue rhino and elephant which is a powerful tool to against violence and prevents a house from robbery and theft. One can either carry it or hang it in the northeast corner...
Protection against Angry People Amulet Keychain
SKU: 4187
This protection amulet has three main security pieces: The mirror, the crystal jewel and the mantra's holder. It is also called Talisman Holder with Mirror and Faux Diamond. Recommended to anyone who wants protection, specially the zodiac signs that...

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