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Talisman Amulets, Protection Talismans, Feng Shui Amulets

Talisman amulets have protection talismans, feng shui talismans and lucky amulets. Feng shui amulets are common used as feng shui cures or feng shui enhancers.

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3/8 HOTU Mirror for Career
SKU: 4478
This brass 3/8 Hoto mirror, embellished with the symbols of RuYi , is a great enhancer of authority and power for career, such as elevation of rank and managerial advancement.
1/6 HOTU Mirror for Scholar Wisdom
SKU: 4477
Embellished with the image of the Wish Granting Tree and symbols of academic attainments and wisdom, this wisdom mirror is able to activate the wonderful scholastic energy of flying star combo #1 and #6.
Royal Emblems Mirror
SKU: 4476
Featuring of the queen of the west, precious minster and general, this royal emblems mirror can bring enormously good fortune including a long life filled with great honor, wealth and fame. Further more, it can boost your power and rank.
Precious Windhorse and Elephant Mirror
SKU: 4475
Featuring of windhorse carrying flaming jewel of victory and elephant carrying Mani BaoZhu with ru yi, this precious windhorse and elephant can promote your career success and victory.
Prosperity Mirror
SKU: 4474
Featuring 4 auspicious objects - Mystic Knot, Wheel of Transmigration, Double Fishes and Mani BaoZhu with coins and ingots, this prosperity can accumulate wealth and overcome misfortune.
Four Friends Mirror
SKU: 4473
Featuring the legendary four friends - the Bird, the Elephant, the Monkey and the Rabbit, this four-friend mirror signifies strong friendship bonds. One can use it to highlight his/her social images and impression, bring in harmony in life.
Heart Sutra Pillar
SKU: 4469
Applying the peaceful Heart Sutra and pagoda as a cure, this tool is perfect remedy for Five yellow in the west region. One can also fill it with five scoops of soil before they do the arrangement.
Heart Sutra Pillar Keychain
SKU: 4468
This powerful heart sutra pillar is a potent to suppress the ominous earth energy of 5 Yellow. It offers auspicious blessing and inner peace and is able to safeguard one against evil spirits.
4/9 Hotu Keychain for Big Profits
SKU: 4467
Embellished with lucky signs of trade and enterprise, this powerful 4/9 Hotu keychain is able to create excellent luck of business, favoring commercial and investment endeavors, especially for the male since the #9 locates in the northwest position.
Annual Amulet for Bountiful Harvests
SKU: 4466
Embellished with three rams and the sun, signifying a propitious start of life and career, this medallion is a great career enhancer. It is very beneficial for those who want to strive for a better career and seek for promotion.
God of Wealth Amulet Keychain
SKU: 4465
Featuring the God of Wealth in big ingot on one side whilst one treasure pot filled with ingots on reserve side, this God of Wealth amulet keychain is a powerful tool to capture excellent money fortune throughout the year.
Peace and Anti-Conflict Amulet Keychain
SKU: 4463
This Peace and Anti-Conflict Amulet Keychain consists of one golden rooster and one red apple shaped amulet with green leaf on the top. It brings one peace and harmony and is able to dispel quarrelsome energy, ward off gossips, accidents and potential law
2015 Tai Sui Amulet Keychain
SKU: 4460
The Tai Sui amulet 2015 keychain with red tassel has the image of YangXiang holding the sword. Taisui, the Grand Duke Jupiter, locates in the Southwest in the year of sheep.
Kalachakra Stupa Keychain Amulet
SKU: 4424
This Kalachakra Stupa Keychain Amulet is used to enhance career luck and monetary fortune by feng shui. It is also one of the most powerful protection amulets.
Wish Granting Tree Keychain Amulet
SKU: 4423
This feng shui keychain features of one wish granting tree with fruits on it. Carrying such keychain with you help you wishes come true.
Wall Hanging Elephant Charm with Evil Eyes
SKU: 4297
This wall hanging protection charm has elephant with evil eyes. It is believed that evil eyes can see the evil spirits so that they can keep you away evil spirits. Evil eyes also can guard you from jealousy.
Blue Evil Eyes on Horse Shoe Wall Hanging Amulet Charm
SKU: 4296
This horse shoe wall handing amulet charm has blue evil eyes and elephant is for protection as well as bringing good luck.
Hamsa Hand Wall Hanging Amulet Charm
SKU: 4295
This red color background Hamsa hand wall hanging amulet charm with several blue color evil eyes attached has image of double fishes and evil eye in the center. One elephant On the top of the amulet charm stands for good luck.

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