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Auspicious Animals

Lucky Animals, Feng Shui Animals

Feng shui animals can be used as lucky animals or protection animals. Most are golden animals. There are feng shui camel, trinity animals, 3 divine guardians, fortune bat, etc auspicious animals in this category.

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Garuda Bird for Protection against Illness
SKU: 4824
Garuda bird protects against sickness and enhancing one's health, It is a powerful celestial protector to subdue illness and spirit attacks caused by nagas.
Dragon with Water Bowl and Ingots
SKU: 4823
Being heavenly auspicious animal and fortune symbols, this Dragon with Water Bowl and Ingots is specially to usher in on abundance of good fortune. One can display it near the entrance to welcome prosperity energy.
Dragon Phoenix Ingot
SKU: 4822
Being heavenly auspicious symbols, this Dragon & Phoenix Ingot is designed not only to enhance one's prosperity luck, but also the romance fortune.
Wishfulfilling Cow with Cowrie Shells
SKU: 4821
This Wishfulfilling Cow with Cowrie Shells is powerful financial booster. Featuring the wish granting ox with a treasure pot - in ancient time, the shells represent abundance and treasure.
Bejeweled Lovely Peacock on Pedestal
SKU: 4648
This beautiful bejeweled peacock is available to two styles – one with a blue tail and another with a green tail – and is draped in beautiful jewels, vibrant colorings, and a lovely crown: symbolizing its immense power and beauty.
Bejeweled Peacock
SKU: 4647
This lovely peacock is available in two colors – red and blue – and is accentuated with vibrant colors, beautiful jewels, and a fabulous tail. The peacock’s luscious tail feathers shine and sparkle, and are powerful representations for positive chi.
Lovely Peacock
SKU: 4307
This lovely peacock has the symbol of peace and harmony. Displaying peacock statue at bedroom can enhance good relationship and bring peaceful mind for feng shui love.
Bejeweled White Single-humped Camel
SKU: 4009
This beautiful bejeweled white single-humped camel is the feng shui cure to prevent wealth loss and stabilize finances. It is necessary to have this white camel at home or office if you want to secure your finances.
Bejeweled Single-humped Camel
SKU: 4008
This beautiful bejeweled single-humped camel is the feng shui cure to prevent wealth loss and stabilize finances. It is necessary to have it at home or office if you want to secure your finances.
Bejeweled Camel
SKU: 3911
This bejeweled two-humped camel carrying jewelry and 3 bells on both sides is the feng shui animal to lead you out of your financial problems. It is important to have it at home or office if you have any financial problems.
Pair of Golden Camels
SKU: 3886
$148.00 $128.00
Pair of the golden camel stepping on the bed of ingots is the powerful feng shui product to protect your business. It can help you overcome financial difficulties and safeguard your wealth.
Trinity Animals
SKU: 3873
This beautiful trinity animals are 3 harmony animals - snake, ox and rooster sitting on the bed of the coins. Snake, ox and rooster are allied friends together to generate powerful energy to bring protection, wealth and harmony.
Brass Fly on Horse Statue
SKU: 3675
This brass horse statue has one fly on its back. It has the meaning of Win Immediately in Chinese. Fly on Horse is used to attract extra money luck in feng shui, i, especially for whom invests in stock or bonds. Material brass is enhancing its power.
Brass Monkey on Horse Statue
SKU: 3550
Monkey riding on Horse has the meanings of Promoting Immediately in feng shui. It is the enhancer to boost your career luck and promotion.
Bejeweled Crab
SKU: 3370
This Bejeweled crab embedded with a lot of dazzling diamond-like clear crystals is feng shui products to help people prevent pitfalls and backstabber. It helps people pursuit their goals strongly and smoothly.
Metal Fortune Bat
SKU: 3178
Fortune Bat is pronounced as Fu which is the meaning of good luck in China. It is standing on two peach. And peach is also the symbol of longevity. Two Chinese coins were bitten in the bat's mouth, which is the manifestation of gathering wealth.
Metal Cicada
SKU: 3177
Cicada is one of the powerful feng shui items. It is the symbol of immortality and it is used for protection in politics. It is especially beneficial for whom are seeking protection against unfaithful friends.
3 Divine Guardians with Flaming Sword for 3 Killings
SKU: 3079
$86.00 $68.00
3 divine guardians which are Fu Dog (foo dog), Chi Lin and Pi Yao. They are also called 3 chi lin which is one of the perfect feng shui cures to deadly 3 killings which cause disasters.

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