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Tai Sui Plaque 2017
SKU: 5064
$39.99 $29.99
Featuring the noble Tai Sui for 2017, this specially designed golden and red plaque appeases the chi of west. This Tai Sui Plaque is a must for the year of 2017, and is crucial to enhancing one's fortune and well-being.
Feng Shui Money Coin Sword
SKU: 5006
This high quality feng shui sword is consisting of four money swords (2 swords in each side) and one big mystic knot and double red tassel. which is composited by a lot of thick good quality Chinese I chi coins. Money coin sword is used to ward off bad s
Bell Charm with Auspicious Image
SKU: 4980
This bell charm features of brown color mystic knot and one bell with auspicious images. Hanging such charm bell at home can ward off bad spirits, purify environment and transfer bad energy into good energy.
3 Celestial Guardian Plaque
SKU: 4809
This rectangle shaped 3 Celestial Guardian Plaque, which has 3 celestial guardian with mantras surrounding the image of the 3 celestial guardian, is specially designed for lowing down the effect of 3 killings.
Pack of 50 Pcs Chinese Red Envelopes in 3 Designs
SKU: 673-2
Chinese New Year Decoration for door decorating has one Chinese talisman Fu and some lucky symbols, such as dragon phoenix, lantern, sailing boat and fortune bats, surrounded.
Guru Rinpoche Celestial Mandala Plaque
SKU: 4807
Nangzi Zilnon, the Guru Rinpoche, has the power to guide one overcomes all kinds of obstacles and negative emotional problems. One can display this Guru Rinpoche Celestial Mandala Plaque in the southeast region of the house.
21 Tara Plaque
SKU: 4806
The 21 Tara Plaque is a powerful tool to help one actualize his dream and wishes, overcoming obstacles and paving a shining path to success.
Tai Sui Plaque 2016
SKU: 4787
$33.00 $29.50
Featuring the noble Tai Sui Guanzhong, specially designed with yellow and red color to appease the chi of southwest, this Tai Sui Plaque is a must for the year of 2016.
Evil Eye Tree with Golden Coins
SKU: 4623
This lovely money tree features gold ingots, red ribbons, and blue evil eye jewels: a perfect ornament for a desk, room, office, or room. Money trees are popularly used in Chinese culture as a way to attract and obtain riches effortlessly and abundantly.
Brass Guan Gong Statue
SKU: 4567
Kwan Kong (also known as Guan Gong) is the most powerful symbol of protection and power, and helps protect a home or business from ill chi and bad luck. Kuan Kong is widely known as the renowned defender and guardian deity.
Bejeweled Vairocana Stupa
SKU: 4489
Embellished with the 8 Auspicious Symbols, this propitious bejeweled Vairocana stupa is able to protect one against harm brought by violence and aggression. It mollifies conflicts, minimizing the harm.
Heart Sutra Pillar Keychain
SKU: 4468
$24.99 $19.99
This powerful heart sutra pillar is a potent to suppress the ominous earth energy of 5 Yellow. It offers auspicious blessing and inner peace and is able to safeguard one against evil spirits.
Tai Sui Plaque 2015
SKU: 4459
$49.50 $28.00
The Tai Sui Plaque 2015 has the image of General YangXiang holding the sword with some Taoist talisman, four celestial animals (Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger and Black Tu) , sun & moon and some Chinese words.
Brass Guan Gong on Horse Statue
SKU: 4429
This beautiful brass kwan Kong in dragon robe, who is carrying Guan Dao dragon sword and riding on horse, is the famous Chinese God of War. Gong Gong on horse is one of the most powerful gods to prevent from bad energy and evil.
Kalachakra Stupa Keychain Amulet
SKU: 4424
This Kalachakra Stupa Keychain Amulet is used to enhance career luck and monetary fortune by feng shui. It is also one of the most powerful protection amulets.
Hamsa Hand with Blue Evil Eyes Protection Keychain
SKU: 4309
This beautiful blue Hamsa hand keychain with blue evil eyes is perfect for your carrying around to keep bad spirit away and bring good energy.
Elephant with Blue Evil Eye Protection Keychain
SKU: 4308
This beautiful blue crystal-embedded elephant keychain with blue evil eyes is perfect for your carrying around to keep bad spirit away and bring good energy.
Blue Evil Eye Protection Keychain
SKU: 4298
This protection keychain has one one chain of a lot of blue evil eyes with one big blue evil eye in the end. Evil eyes can see the evil spirits and keep you away evil spirits. Further more, evil eyes also can guard you from jealousy.

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