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Feng shui products best buy at Feng Shui Import.  Feng shui gifts have Chinese coins, crystals, pagoda, Bagua mirrors, wu lou, sailing boats, auspicious amulets, bells, wind chimes, red scroll, feng shui plaque, red scrolls, 5 element pagoda, Ru Yi and feng shui books, ect feng shui supplies.  Wholesale and retail feng shui products at Chinese store San Diego.

Also have talisman amulets, such as feng shui keychains, and other feng shui items.

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Eight Auspicious Symbols Plaque
SKU: 4505
Derived from Indian iconography and have been widely used in Tibetan Buddhism, the Eight Auspicious Symbols are a group of auspicious symbols that appear on many Buddhist scriptures, objects and paintings. Each symbol signifies an aspect of Buddhist teach
Yellow Dzambhala Plaque
SKU: 4504
Surrounded with auspicious cloud, adorned with a jeweled crown and precious gold ornaments, the deity seated in the center of the lotus throne is known as the God of Wealth, Yellow Dzambhala.
NGAN CHI Wealth Tree
SKU: 4494
This Tree of Wealth is featured with the silver trunk and purple starry flower to best capture the blissful energy of propitious star 9 Purple, which brings forth joyous energy such as the "Ngan Chi", the monetary fortune.
Lotus Root
SKU: 4488
One golden lotus root on water with coins is the feng shui enhancer to stimulate rank of status and career promotion. In Chinese culture, the Lotus Root represents excellent promotional and educational fortune.
3 Celestial Guardians Five Element Yang Metal Cure
SKU: 4486
Featured the three celestial guardians Fu Dog, Chi Lin and Pi Yao, this 3 Celestial Guardians Five Element Yang Metal Cure is able to deflect the ominous energy of Three Killings.
Tiger, Ox and Crystal Ball
SKU: 4485
This item, combining with ox, tiger and crystal ball, is specially designed to activate the wealth and career star #6. Flying star #6 locates in the northeast corner, the houses of zodiac Tiger and Ox, and makes the northeast one of the auspicious corner
The Seven Royal Emblems Plaque
SKU: 4484
The Seven Royal Emblems contains the seven most powerful and propitious emblems of loyalty. The auspicious symbols together have the power to help one overcome any obstacles in life and facilitate one's success, improving relationship...
Magic Wheel Plaque
SKU: 4483
Having powerful HUM syllable and double Dorje on side whilst Buddha script on reverse side, this Magic Wheel plaque is a powerful remedy to cure gossips, accidental changes in life, lawsuits and office politics.
Medicine Buddha Mandalas Plaque
SKU: 4482
$88.00 $78.00
This beautiful shinning smooth wooden plaque has the image of the Medicine Buddha in the center of Mandalas surrounded by mandala, various herbs and medicine, It is very beneficial for those who suffer from pre-long diseases and ill health.
Guru Rinpoche TSOG Food Offering Plaque for Prosperity
SKU: 4481
Printed with images of Guru Rinpoche and 10 bowls filled with different food and fruits, this food offering prayer plaque is said to have magical power of multiply food s and property, hence a great feng shui tool symbolizing abundance and good wealth.
Garuda Wu Lou
SKU: 4470
$88.00 $68.00
Carved with images of Peng Bird, auspicious clouds and mystic knots, this Garuda wu lou is one of the best cure to sickness star #2.
8-rod Blue Water Drop Windchime
SKU: 4464
This 8-rod blue wind chime features of 8 blue water drops individually attached to each metal rod. It is used to activate wealth star #8.
King Gesar Window Sticker
SKU: 4462
Featured King Gesar, this King Gesar Window Sticker is used to prevent one from quarrelsome energy and create excellent commercial success and prosperity.
Anti-Burglary & Violence Window Sticker
SKU: 4461
The Anti-Burglary & Violence Window Sticker has image of blue rhino and elephant with powerful syllable in the center. The blue rhino and elephant image possesses benign water power that is able to resolve the ominous metal energy of star of theft and...
Tai Sui Plaque 2015
SKU: 4459
The Tai Sui Plaque 2015 has the image of General YangXiang holding the sword with some Taoist talisman, four celestial animals (Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger and Black Tu) , sun & moon and some Chinese words.
Lillian Too FENG SHUI ALMANAC 2015
SKU: 4422
$14.80 $12.80
This fully illustrated feng shui guide has been specially designed to enhance your full potential in 2015, the year of the WOOD SHEEP. It uses the traditional Chinese calendar to assist you...
Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Fortune & Feng Shui 2015 Horse
SKU: 4415
The HORSE is flanked by stars of BIG AUSPICIOUS, so there is something exciting coming your way in 2015, but the feng shui winds bring also the number 7, a Metal star indicating violence and robbery. You thus need to stay watchful.
Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Fortune & Feng Shui 2015 Rabbit
SKU: 4412
The RABBIT benefits from strong victory winds in 2015. This is brought to your EAST location by the star of 1 in the year's feng shui chart. Good fortune is further enhanced by the auspicious Ho Tu of 6/1, which brings wisdom that gives you good...

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