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Feng shui products best buy at Feng Shui Import.  Feng shui gifts have Chinese coins, crystals, pagoda, Bagua mirrors, wu lou, sailing boats, auspicious amulets, bells, wind chimes, red scroll, feng shui plaque, red scrolls, 5 element pagoda, Ru Yi and feng shui books, ect feng shui supplies.  Wholesale and retail feng shui products at Chinese store San Diego.

Also have talisman amulets, such as feng shui keychains, and other feng shui items.

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Feng Shui Wu Lou Charm
SKU: 5009
Featuring of 5 wooden like wu lou, mystic know and red tassel, this feng shui wu lou charm is used to prevent from illness energy as well as a perfect ornament for home, car, office, etc.
Feng Shui Money Coin Sword
SKU: 5006
This high quality feng shui sword is consisting of four money swords (2 swords in each side) and one big mystic knot and double red tassel. which is composited by a lot of thick good quality Chinese I chi coins. Money coin sword is used to ward off bad s
Heart Shaped Double Happiness Sign
SKU: 4958
This heart shaped Double Happiness sign is the love sign and marriage. It is used to attract and enhance love. The shape of the heart enhances its power. It is also representing harmony marriage.
Heart Shaped Double Happiness Sign
SKU: 4957
Featuring Chinese paper cut distinctive visual art with images of double mandarin ducks and flowers, this heart shaped double happiness sign is supposed to bring harmony and luck. It is good for marriage, wedding or who is looking for love.
Double Happiness Sign with Mandarin Duck Sticker
SKU: 4951
Featuring Chinese paper cut distinctive visual art with images of double happiness, mandarin ducks and lotus, this double happiness sign is supposed to increase harmony love and and marriage.
Big Electric Salt Lamp
SKU: 4945
Salt lamp is a lamp carved from salt crystal. Lighting up one tea candle inside the salt lamp can clean air, enhance positive energy and improve romantic love.
Bai Choi for Business
SKU: 4944
Bai Choi has the meanings of wealth since Bai Choi is pronounced as hundreds of wealth in Chinese. Most business men would like to display Bai Choi in their officer to welcome money luck and boom business.
Bringing Wealth Red Scroll - Ji Xiang
SKU: 4930
This beautiful red wealth scroll also features slightly glowing at dark. The big Chinese words on it are Ji Xiang which has the meanings of prosperity.
Flying Dragon 8-Rod Windchime
SKU: 4870
$46.00 $38.00
This feng shui Flying Dragon 8-rod windchime is beneficial to enhance one’s wealth luck and improve network. It is also a protection tool to ward off violent energy.
Gui Ren Windchime
SKU: 4869
$46.00 $38.00
This Gui Ren windchime bestows one with great benefactor luck, giving one the auspicious blessing from the legendary Jade Emperor (the symbolic figure of heavenly king), bringing helpful mentors and supportive friends into your life.
Flying Horse 9-Rod Windchime
SKU: 4868
$46.00 $38.00
It is believed that pegasus brings one promotion and recognition luck. Featured with positive yang energy, this windchime is a must have for office people.
100 Birds on Wish Fulfilling Tree
SKU: 4862
Featuring 100 lovely colorful birds perched on wish fulfilling tree, this Wish Fulfilling Tree represents to bring good opportunities, happiness and prosperity as well as peace and harmony.
Golden Mantra Pagoda
SKU: 4861
Applying the peaceful Heart Sutra and pagoda as a cure, this tool is perfect remedy for Five yellow in the west region. One can also fill it with five scoops of soil before they do the arrangement.
Nine Dragon Plaque
SKU: 4860
$95.00 $85.00
As the most powerful symbol of courage, success, authority and yang energy, this Nine Dragon Plaque is able to bring one wealth, benefactor and promotional luck.
Anti Burglary & Violence Window Sticker
SKU: 4858
These beautiful protective window stickers feature a powerful Dakini Amulet in the center to prevent one from thieves and robbers. One can attach these wonderful amulet stickers onto the vehicle windscreen and home windows to keep safe against robbery and
Blue Water Wave
SKU: 4834
Infused with heavenly auspicious water power, this blue water wave is able to improve one's network and bring benefactors into life. For singles, this Blue Water Wave can be also a powerful tool to attract romance luck.
Gui Ren Plaque
SKU: 4816
$49.99 $39.99
This Gui Ren Plaque is designed to enhance one's benefactor luck and to receive more support in work and in life. It is also a powerful tool to stimulate one's financial luck and usher in joyous events for the family.
Black Scorpion Tablet
SKU: 4814
This black scorpion tablet has the power to prevent one from malevolent attack of wandering spirit or dark magic. Display this powerful prayer plaque in your living room or the southeast region in 2016.

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