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Tibetan Dzi Necklaces, Eye Dzi Bead Feng Shui

Dzi bead necklaces are Tibetan dzi necklaces or dzi bead feng shui. The Dzi beaded necklaces have 1 eye Dzi necklace, 3 eye Dzi necklace, eye Dzi necklace7 eye Dzi necklace, 8 eye Dzi necklace, 9 eye Dzi necklace, 10 eye Dzi necklace, 11 eye Dzi necklace, 12 eye Dzi necklace, 13 eye Dzi necklace, etc Tibetan jewelry.

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5 Eye DZI Necklace
SKU: 2708
The necklace has one 5 eyed DZi bead. 5-eyed implies the Five Wealthy Gods that can bring money luck for 5 different directions. It is the symbol of wealth and prosperity.
10 Eye DZI Necklace
SKU: 2706
The necklace has one 10 eyed DZi bead. 10 eyed stands for perfection. Wearing 10-eye DZi necklace can help you accomplish your goal in career.
Brown Tibetan 9-Eye DZI Necklace
SKU: 2704
The DZI bead is brown bead which natural cracks inside (natural stone). Brown tibetan 9-eyed DZi necklace like one powerful talisman protects you from bad energy.
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Black Tibetan 9-Eye DZI Necklace
SKU: 2703
Tibetan 9-Eye DZI necklace is the emperor of all DZI necklace. It helps to enhance power and purify negative energy. It is believed that the DZI necklace can act as the EYES that can watch out the bad spirit and the EYES don't let the evil come to you
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DZI Necklace
SKU: 2343
This brown color DZI necklace has 3 different DZI bead - 3 eye, 6 eye or 9 eye. 9 eye DZI is the emperor of all DZI.
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Tibetan DZI Necklaces
SKU: 1563
feng shui, DZI necklaces, Tibetan beads, three eyes, watch evils, bad chi, for protection

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