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Chinese Buddha
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Orange Wu Lou Charm
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Gemstone Charms have rhinoceros charm, mandarin duck charm, lucky charms, elephant Charm, etc stone charms.  Gemstone charms can ward off bad spirit. They are powerful feng shui items too.  See more lucky charms.

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Black Stone Laughing Buddha Charm
SKU: 3819
$17.99 $15.99
The Buddha charm has one black stone fat stomach laughing Buddha with Buddha praying beads, mystic knot and tassel. Laughing Buddha is used to bring happiness and good luck.
Black Stone Sakyamuni Buddha Head Charm
SKU: 3818
$17.99 $15.99
The Buddha charm has one Sakyamuni Buddha head with Buddha praying beads, mystic knot and tassel. Buddha head is used to suppress down bad spirits and prevent you from evils.
Black Obsidian Pi Yao Charm
SKU: 2601
The beautiful black pi yao charm is made of black obsidian stone. The stone pi yao is exquisitely carved with a lot of details - One another small pi yao carved on the back of the big pi yao and coin sign carved on the back, etc.
Snail Ammonite
SKU: 2377
Snail has the ability of alternating its body by stretching. It can reduce injury and prevent from potentially dangerous animals by producing mucus. In addition, ammonite shell can transpose negative energy into positive energy.
Rose Quartz Mandarin Duck Charm
SKU: 2355
It is said that mandarin ducks are always together. In fengshui, using mandarin ducks represents truly love, happiness and conjugal fidelity. In addition, this mandarin duck charm, which is made of rose quartz, can enhance the power of love.
Blue Rhinoceros Charms
SKU: 2218
Feng Shui blue Rhinoceros is an excellent feng shui symbol that can ward off the ominous flying star and deflect violating energy that will cause robbery, accidents, office politics, biz competitors and backstabbing.

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