Feng Shui Colors

By | October 5, 2011

Feng shui colors is one of the most mentioned topics by a lot of feng shui consultants. Choosing the right feng shui colors in the right position is useful to deal with feng shui balance. Balance of the feng shui can lesson conflicts and enhance harmony. In addition, feng shui colors can efficiently act as feng shui cures to bad chi.

Feng shui colors represent 5 elements: Gold, white and silver represent metal; Black, grey and blue represent water; Green represent wood; Red, purple and pink represent fire; Yellow and brown represent earth. For instance, we can choose gold, white and silver to increase water element and choose green color to decrease water.

Locations represent 5 elements: East side belongs to Wood elements. So it is better not use gold, white and silver color in East side since Metal destroys Wood. On the other hand, west side belongs to Metal element. So it is better not to use red, purple and pink in this area since Fire destroy Metal.

In addition, the color of carpet in your main door is better to choose the right feng shui color. For example, if your main door is in East location, it is better to choose green color instead of gold color.

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