Using Rooster to Appease 2012 Tai Sui

By | March 10, 2012

brass rooster

2012 is the year of the dragon. Since rooster is the secret friend of the dragon, wearing rooster pendant, rooster charm or displaying rooster statue is good for this year – Rooster can appease to the 2012 Tai Sui. This is the reason that a lot of feng shui consultants recommend people to have the rooster with them. However we need to pay attention what zodiac sign you are.

If you are the Chinese zodiac sign sign rabbit, you need to display one more snake statue or snake pendant besides rooster. Since rooster is against rabbit, rooster will be against to you if you display one rooster statue or wearing rooster pendant only. The best solution to it is finding one more Chinese zodiac to ally with the rooster. Once they are allied, rooster will be not against to rabbit.

Rooster, snake and Ox will be allied together. However Ox is side affected by Tai Sui too. Therefore we just choose snake to ally the rooster instead of both. See Chinese Horoscope Allies and Secret Friend for more details of Chinese zodiac allied.

If you are the Chinese zodiac sign Rat, Dragon or Monkey, make sure the position of the rooster will be correct. Since golden rooster can activate Tao Hua Luck for the above people, displaying golden rooster in the west position of your house will bring third party if you are married. Therefore void rooster in west position.

You can use our Chinese Zodiac Calculating Tool to find out what Chinese zodiac sign you are in you are not sure. In addition, We have rooster statues, rooster pendants, rooster charms or other zodiac at Chinese Zodiac.

18 thoughts on “Using Rooster to Appease 2012 Tai Sui

  1. Confused Dragon Girl

    What is the correct position of Rooster for 1976 born Dragon, kua 9? I understood west was the best but apparently that could invoke cheating in my relationship. I currently have rooster in west & monkey in north. I removed the dragon for 2012 on the advice given by a man that operates a local Feng Shui store. Thank you in advance for assistance.

  2. admin Post author

    East is the best position for you if your kua number is 9. Since Tai Sui is in SE and you are the Chinese zodiac sign dragon, you need to display the rooster in SE position.

    If you want to display dragon statue, you need to put it with one monkey and one Rat together.

  3. Patricia

    what is the correct position to put the rooster for a person born in 1956 with kua 7?.Thanks.

  4. decor living room

    I love feng shui when it comes to decorate your home, I don’t know if its work or not, It just increasing my believe that positive energy might comes in, and I think it Did.

  5. Hennie

    I was always interested in Chinese zodiac signs and find your post very informative. There seem to be a trend, even from non Chinese cultures, to embrace the value of zodiac signs and plan their daily lives around the sugestions.

  6. Tamson

    I had been told not to do any digging or moving of heavy furniture in the SE this year, but not warned about the three killings. My backdoor had to be replaced last week and it is in the south. Is there a cure?

    Also, if you are a dog, do you keep a rooster so it will plays with the dragon instead of bothering you?

  7. Jim

    I appreciate yor site, I am an over-protective husband and father. I have always been the worry wart. You see so much bad going on. Anytime you turn on the news there always seems to be a horror story of an attack or robbery etc. etc. I insist on my wife and daughters all carrying pepper spray and not being affraid to use it on antone they feel is a danger to them. Good work on getting this information out to folks. Thanks again!

  8. francesca

    Hi. I’m a female kua number 8, please advised where I should place my rooster figurine. Any advice is valued. Thanks

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