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Chinese zodiac animals have 12 Chinese zodiac signs. Chinese zodiac symbols (Chinese zodiac statues) are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

If you are not sure what Chines zodiac sign you are, you can use our Chinese Zodiac Calculator Tool to find out what Chinese zodiac figurines you need.

See Feng Shui Animals for other auspicious animals, such as rhino, Foo dogs, chi lin, money frog, pi yao, mandarin ducks, dragon phoenix, dragon tortoises, elephant figurines, lucky cats, fish statues, etc.

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Monkey Holding a Prosperity Bag on Elephant
SKU: 4863
Symbolizing authority, wisdom and courage, this monkey-elephant combination is able to bring one good morals, strength, intelligence and all the qualities of a good leader. It is an ideal feng shui tool to improve or enhance one’s career luck.
Bejeweled Dragon on Seal
SKU: 4849
The bejeweled dragon and seal both represent high ranking and power. This item thus brings one great career and promotional luck. It is very beneficial for those in management level.
Bejeweled Golden Monkey Statue
SKU: 4848
This lovely bejeweled golden monkey statue can be used to enhance the wealth luck and career luck. Display it on the office table or in the southwest region of the house for 2016 year of the monkey.
Monkey Carrying Baby Monkey Statue
SKU: 4847
This lovely bejewel monkey statue carrying one baby money statue can be used to bring one supportive people, and enhance benefactor luck. It is specially good for year of the monkey.
Golden Monkey with Wealth Pot on Rotatable Stand
SKU: 4762
This beautifully crafted figurine features an adorable monkey sitting on top of a wealth pot overflowing with gold coins, ingots, and jewels. This outstanding figurine is crafted with excellent care and contains elaborate detailing and superior quality.
Golden Dragon Statue
SKU: 4750
Featuring a magnificent dragon chasing a fiery red ball, this golden dragon statue is accentuated with excellent detail, fantastic craftsmanship, and beautiful accents to give this statue an absolutely flawless persona.
Golden Dragon Statue with Wealthy Pot
SKU: 4749
This magnificent golden dragon statue features the legendary golden dragon wrapped in clouds and chasing a fiery red ball on wealthy pot. The statue is detailed with elaborate detailing, excellent craftsmanship, and extravagant decoration.
Monkey on Elephant with Pedestal
SKU: 4747
The figurine stands on top of a lovely black pedestal, and is a beautiful decoration for your home or office. The figurine is carved with exquisite detailing, excellent craftsmanship, and gorgeous jeweling.
Monkey on Elephant
SKU: 4746
The monkey is a wonderful symbol of intelligence, the elephant represents strength, and gold coins represent abundance. Thus, this figurine is a wonderful representation of triumph and victory over all obstacles.
Pair of Standing Golden Wealth Monkeys
SKU: 4744
This adorable pair of golden wealth monkeys are detailed with intricate craftsmanship and lovely artistic quality. When placed with ingots and coins, monkey figurines are bound to emit positive vibes that welcome wealth influx and a successful business an
Pair of Golden Wealth Monkeys
SKU: 4743
The two golden monkeys are surrounded by golden coins and ingots: representing an abundance of wealth and prosperity. The monkey is a representation of intelligence, creativity, and knowledge, while gold ingots and coins represent wealth and abundance.
Monkey Figurine
SKU: 4742
This brass colored monkey figurine is a great ornament for the office, home, or business. A monkey figurine is the perfect gift for friends or family born in the year of the monkey; however, placing a monkey figurine in a room will radiate positive vibes
Sitting Golden Monkey with Peach
SKU: 4741
This lovely monkey figurine is seated upon a gold ingot throne and holds a beautiful golden peach in its arms. This magnificent monkey figurine will radiate warm vibes of good fortune, prosperity, and good health
Golden Dragon Statue
SKU: 4734
This phenomenal golden dragon is magnificently crafted with upmost detailing, vibrant jeweling, and a wonderfully powerful appearance. The dragon figurine is detailed with elaborate detailing and is shown roaring through clouds of gold ingots and coins.
Golden Monkey Statue with Big Wealthy Pot
SKU: 4730
This beautiful golden monkey is holding gold ingots, a large wealth pot, and seated triumphantly upon a throne of gold coins. The overflowing wealth from the wealth pot represents prosperous monetary success, career luck, and business opportunity
Golden Monkey Statue with Feng Shui Peach
SKU: 4729
This beautiful golden monkey is caressing a lovely ripe golden peach in its arms. Decorated with lovely detailing and carefully intricate craftsmanship, this magnificent monkey figurine will radiate warm vibes of good fortune, prosperity, and good health.
Golden Monkey Statue with Feng Shui Ingot
SKU: 4728
Decorated with intricate detailing and wonderful craftsmanship, this golden monkey proudly holds a large golden ingot in its arms. The monkey is dressed in golden silk and seated triumphantly on a throne of golden coins.
Golden Monkey Statue with Feng Shui Wu Lou
SKU: 4727
This excellently crafted golden monkey figurine is inscribed with remarkable detail and crafted with upmost delicacy and beauty. The golden monkey with wo lou represents good fortune, good health, and a peaceful and happy life.

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