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Feng Shui Animals

Feng Shui Animals

Feng shui animals have auspicious animals including blue rhino, foo dog, mandarin ducks, lucky cat, elephant figurines, chi lin, money frog, pi yao, dragon phoenix, dragon tortoises, etc feng shui animals.

See Chinese Zodiac for Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig Statues.

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Blue Rhino and Elephant Standing on Treasure Box
SKU: 4231
These blue rhino and elephant guardians work perfectly for the intention of securing one's wealth and finance. Wearing the inherent thick armor, these two creatures are strong enough to prevent one form any harm that caused by severe metal energy of ...
Pair of Precious White Elephants
SKU: 4146
This pair of precious white elephants has one with trunk up and one with trunk down. They are the feng shui enhancers to ensure the luck of the big auspicious. Furthermore the pair of the white elephants can swipe out the path obstacles.
Golden Money Frog on BaGua
SKU: 4144
This beautiful colorful golden money frog sitting on Bagua with one Chinese coin in its mouth is the symbol of wealth and feng shui balance. Display it in your wealth corner to bring wealth.
Golden Feng Shui Money Frog with Coin
SKU: 4143
Money frog is called money three legged toad or money toad. Usually there is one Chinese coin in its mouth. This golden feng shui money frog sitting on one bed of ingots is used to attract wealth.
Big Brass Turtle Statue
SKU: 4140
Displaying such bis feng shui brass turtle at home can ward off sickness chi and bring good health since turtle is the symbol of longevity.
Brass Mandarin Ducks
SKU: 4139
Mandarin duck, known as BeiJing Ducks, feng shui ducks or love bird, represent happiness, harmony and conjugal fidelity. Display this brass mandarin ducks to signify happy marriage for couple or to bring love chance for single.
Brass Chi Lin
SKU: 4138
This beautiful pair of brass chi lin known as dragon horse is one of the best feng shui enhancers to bring wealth and success. It is also the cure to stop losing money. Further more, chi lin is also the heaven creature to bring offspring to people if yo
Big Brass Pi Yao Statute
SKU: 4136
Display brass Pi Yao in the Tai Sui location to appease Grand Duke Tai Sui in order to avoid accidents. Brass pi yao is also used as the money enhancer to increase extra money luck.
Brass Money Frog
SKU: 4119
This brass money frog sitting on coin bed is one of the most popular feng shui products to bring wealth. 7 red crystals on the back of the brass money frog representing Big Dipper are used to increased the money frog's power.
Brass Dragon Turtle
SKU: 4118
This brass dragon turtle sitting one bed of Chinese coins with one baby turtle on the back. Displaying dragon turtle can give you good support as well as improve relationship and enhance good fortune.
Big Fu Dogs
SKU: 4098
This pair of amazing fine-looking big fu dogs is supposed to prevent evil spirits and harmful people into the home or business premises. Displaying them at your main door to protect your home or business and bring propitious energy in.
Big Chi Lin
SKU: 4097
This pair of big gorgeous wooden-like chi lin has two pieces of chi lin - One stepping on RuYi is used to safeguard the house whilst another one stepping on money bag is supposed to bring wealth.
Chi Lin
SKU: 4096
This pair of medium size brass color chi lin has two pieces. One playing ball is male chi lin and another one with child is female chi lin. Chi lin can bring good omens and outstanding offspring as well as keep off bad chi by feng shui.
Chi Lin
SKU: 4095
This pair of brass color chi lin has one male chi lin playing ball and one female chi lin with child. Displaying pair of chi lin at home can bring auspicious wealth energy in as well as ward off bad energy.
Bejeweled White Elephant Statue
SKU: 4011
This fine bejeweled white elephant statue is cloisonne item embedded with a lot of beautiful sparking crystals. Displaying such white elephant at home can bring strength, discretion, vigor and harmony.
Bejeweled Peacock
SKU: 4010
Since peacock is the symbol of peace and harmony, displaying one bejeweled peacock statue at bedroom can enhance good relationship and bring peaceful mind for feng shui love.
Bejeweled White Single-humped Camel
SKU: 4009
This beautiful bejeweled white single-humped camel is the feng shui cure to prevent wealth loss and stabilize finances. It is necessary to have this white camel at home or office if you want to secure your finances.
Bejeweled Single-humped Camel
SKU: 4008
This beautiful bejeweled single-humped camel is the feng shui cure to prevent wealth loss and stabilize finances. It is necessary to have it at home or office if you want to secure your finances.