Tai Sui 2013

By | February 23, 2013

Tai Sui 2013Tai Sui (太岁) is also known as Grand Duke Jupiter who is in charge of people’s fortune and world’s affairs. Tai Sui takes tun to be in charge for a particular year. Tai Sui is the star directly opposite to Jupiter.

In feng shui and Taoism, Tai Sui influences the Chinese Zodiac and fortune. There are 10 Heaven Branches and 12 Earth Branches resulting in a 60 year cycle. Because most of the Tai Sui have military background, they are also well known as military Generals. Therefore, the feature of the Tai sui and the weapon in each of the Generals signify what year it is under that General. For instance, if the Tai Sui is holding a pen in that year, it means that political stirring in that year. On the another hand, if the Tai Sui is holding a sword, it means to work hard and better in that year.

2013 Tai Sui is General Xu Gong (徐干). He is also called Xu Dan(徐单) who was born in Shang Di Ping Ling, Shan Xi Province in Han Dynastic. 2013 Tai Sui is sitting on SE (142.5°-157.5°).

The position of Tai Sui affects Chinese Zodiac too. In 2013, the position of the tai sui in the position of the snake. It directly conflict to the Chinese zodiac pig and side conflict to Chinese zodiac sign Tiger and Monkey. In feng shui and Taoism, the year is not a good year for those who are against to Tai Sui. Those persons (snake, pig, tiger and monkey) need to carry 2013 Tai Sui amulet or display 2013 tai sui plaque in SE position in order to appease Tai Sui and bring good fortune, harmony and good health.

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