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By | February 2, 2013

Since 2007, we have yearly Chinese horoscope for different Chinese zodiac signs (See the end of this page for previous years’ Chinese horoscope). This year our Chinese horoscope 2013 come out so late since we are doing our best to let our Chinese horoscope more details and more accurate. Here we specially thanks for those who are patience of waiting for our 2013 Chinese horoscope for the year of the snake. If you are not sure what Chinese zodiac sign you are, you can use our Chinese Zodiac Tool to calculate out.

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Rat in 2013:
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The visits of two powerful felicitous stars Ziwei and Longde will offer the zodiac Rat the great opportunities of auspicious transformation. As the promising emperor star, Ziwei will favor you with auspicious power and intelligence. Under the shield of Ziwei, you will have lots of chances to obtain authority and bring your talent into full play, while Longde star will bless you with great benefactor luck. The lifting auspicious chi from these two stars will carve a year of fulfillment for Rat People. Nonetheless, even the overall luck is upgrading, it is not a year of complete plain sailing. You need to beware of the hindrances, conflicts and sudden accidents because of the invasions of the ominous stars Tiane (fallen disaster) and Baobai (abrupt failure) in your constellation. To deflect the evil stars and stimulate the fortuitous chi in your constellation, carry the HRIH Seed Syllable Pendant with you all the time. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Rat 2013

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Ox in 2013:
Although being in harmony with Taisui star, Zodiac Ox will still encounter the year of fluctuation and challenge due to the gathering of the ominous stars in the constellation. Gossips and entanglements are likely to occur since the emerging ominous star Baihu (white tiger) attracts knaves and villains (especially from female), while Huangfang star is notorious for affecting people’s emotion. Nonetheless, Huagai, the star of creativity, offers the opportunities of developing your artistic talent and rediscovering your inner self. Gaining knowledge and contemplation will keep you away from the turmoil of life. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Ox 2013

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Overall for Chinese Horoscope Tiger in 2013:
With the arrivals of several propitious stars in your constellation, your general fortune will be visualized as a number of progresses and occasional failures. The arrivals of powerful benefactor stars Tiande( heavenly bliss) and Fuxing( lucky star) will bring you excellent external support. Nevertheless, the considerable number of the ominous stars and the affliction with Taisui will pose some difficulties and setbacks in the course of their personal pursuit. It is wise to focus on some joyous events (like getting marry, having baby or house moving), and hence redirect the energy to positive side. To trigger the auspicious energy of your benefactor stars and help you to overcome the obstacles, you can carry the 8 Auspicious Symbols w/ HRIH Seed Syllable Pendant with you all the time. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Tiger 2013

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Rabbit in 2013:
The emergences of propitious stars Wenchang (inspiration) and Yutang (auspicious hall) are advantageous to enlighten your inspiration in study or work. It is the time to pave your prospect of career with hard work since these two powerful stars are great helpers of stimulating your creativity and artistic talent. Nonetheless, the raise of career luck would also have you spend less time to cultivate your relationship, which is one of the main challenges Rabbit people need to face. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Rabbit 2013

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Overall for Chinese Horoscope Dragon in 2013:
After the year of turbulence and changes, the zodiac Dragon enters the new period of life. Energized by the propitious star Tianxi (heavenly happiness); the general fortune of Dragon people is elevated. However, the presences of four other villainous stars also indicate emotional disturbance, theft, accidental injuries and losses. Since Dragon people are susceptible to trouble and pitfall, they could carry the Increasing Jewel Mantra and Tree of Life Amulet all the time to help them prevail over the obstructions and safeguard the sail to the success. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Dragon 2013

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Snake in 2013:
The year of Snake implies that Taisui is hovering in the palace of Snake this year. The stay of Taisui means Snake people are susceptible to the affection of Grand Duke Jupiter. Taisui stirs the chi in your palace, and consequently, you have to face the year of changes and fluctuations in various aspects (work, study, affection, and even life style). Nonetheless, change also indicates opportunity. If you can harness your fortune, you can always take the advantage of the happening joyous changes to “block” and “replace” the coming unfavorable events. Besides, the arrivals of three powerful auspicious stars, Jieshen (resolution), Bazuo (eight seats) and Tianyi (heavenly support) will bring you excellent backing. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Snake 2013

Legged Bird for Success - Bright Sun
Overall for Chinese Horoscope Horse in 2013:
Energized by the propitious star Taiyang (sun), the general fortune of Zodiac Horse is elevated. As one of the most powerful constructive stars, Taiyang symbolizes the sun and infinite strong positive energy. Taiyang star also indicates great benefactor luck for the Horse people; it means Horse people will be blessed by the male or elder powerful people (for instance, a high rank male authority). However, the presences of four other villainous stars also indicate emotional disturbance, theft, accidental injuries and losses. The arrival of Tiankong (sky), a neutral star of enlightenment and creativity, will enhance your understanding of spiritual life and help you to discover your inner value, albeit also bringing you some unrealistic thoughts. Since Horse people are susceptible to trouble and pitfall for the trespass of Huiqi (bad luck) star, they could place the 3 Legged Bird for Success – Bright Sun in the northwest to activate your lucky star and safeguard your sail to the success. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Horse 2013

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Sheep in 2013:
With few auspicious stars in the constellation, Ram people will have to face a lot of challenges this year. The only lucky star Tangfu (Tang Talisman) will increase your social status level and unexpected likelihood of success due to benefactors from time to time. However, you should beware of the portents and make provision for the covering attacks from four ominous stars Sangmen (funeral), Feilian (flying dagger), Dasha (big accident) and Baowei (panther tail). These menacing stars will pose great difficulties and bring about side issues on the course; Ram people must always have a second plan to adjust the sudden changes. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Sheep 2013

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Overall for Chinese Horoscope Monkey in 2013:
Zodiac Monkey will be blessed with the nobleman stars Taiying (auspicious Ying energy) Guoying(great seal). With a significant meaning of imperial jade seal, Guoying star signifies the arrival of power and authority, in your constellation. While Taiyin star will gain you supports from female, which means you will attain appreciations and exaltation from nice female in the work. The general fortune will rise in Lunar January, February, April, November and December. Nonetheless, the presence of two ominous stars Gouchen (hook spirit), Guansuo (entanglement) and Goushen (hook) will result in sudden setbacks, villain, frauds, troubles and entanglements, and these complications will visualized either in relationship or finance. Carry the Wish Granting Tree Mirror with Jade Vase with you all the time to capture the good luck and stay away from the interference from threatening stars. Since your success would also bring about jealousy and misunderstanding, it is better for you to keep a low profile this year. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Monkey 2013

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Rooster in 2013:
Being a harmonious companion with zodiac Snake, it is going to be a year of better growth and stability for you. Signifying the elevation in the career, the favorable star Santai (high rank) will bring you some new appreciations and recognitions from your boss and colleagues. However, you should also beware the portents and make provision for the various attacks from the ominous stars Five Ghosts, Guanfu(lawsuit), and the sudden setbacks that they cause become the main obstacles that hinder you from progressing. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Rooster 2013

Victory Banner PendantOverall for Chinese Horoscope Dog in 2013:
Out of the year of turbulence, zodiac Dog enters the relatively smooth period. There are uplifting stars emerging in the constellation. These noble stars would dispel the dark mist upon your constellation gradually and illuminate the path of fortune ahead. The presence of Yuede (moon favor) suggests a significant favor and kindness from high rank. Nonetheless, your zodiac house is also interspersed with disastrous stars – sick stars Sifu (death talisman) indicates that disease occurs to you and even your family, while Xiaohao (drain) will bother you with unexpected expenditure and accidental loss. To activate the auspicious chi of your favorable stars and actualize your cherished dreams and pursuits, you can carry the Victory Banner Pendant for Success and Wish fulfilling with you all the time. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Dog 2013

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Boar in 2013:
Zodiac Boar is directly against the Taisui (Grand Duke Jupiter) in the year of Snake. In feng shui practice, the constellation of zodiac Boar locates in the northwest by north, and the constellation of zodiac Snake locates in the southeast by south. In the year of Snake, the energy of zodiac Snake is very strong that it rushes into the opposite palace, which belongs to zodiac Boar. This direct rush on Boar people’s constellation would cause the fight of the chi, thus it brings instabilities, fluctuation and other changes in life. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Boar 2013

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  1. Frederick Gimino

    I have always been interested in Feng Shui. It is amazing how we fail to perceive the energy all around us in our environment. I really like the expert writing in your article it shows a clear, but deep understanding of Chinese astrology. Over the years, I have dabbled in the I Ching (Yarrow Stalk Method) and into Chinese astrology. In fact, I wrote a small excerpt about the subject a while back:

    “Through the annals of history documentation of various cultures interest of nature, weather, and common place objects correlation with the spirit world can be seen. The Chinese culture embodied this philosophy in a mystical art form called Feng Shui.
    Feng Shui means “wind-water” in Chinese and involves the placement of objects in the environment. It constitutes one of the five pieces of an individual’s destiny namely earth luck.

    Feng Shui consists of three major underlying ideas.
    1) Flow of energy
    2) Universal Duality
    3) The Five Universal Elements
    In essence, the Chinese believe that tapping into these universal entities and balancing them will lead to a happier more fulfilling life. This is because tapping into the “tao” or universal energy source allows one to become harmonized with the rhythms of the universe.”

    I even host a small Chinese astrology section on my web site.( It is a very basic section unlike your blog which is very thorough. I especially like the history and culture that you include in your passages. They really add value to the topic.

  2. feng shui

    I am also the expert about feng shui. By this we can improve our life style.

    Bye the way nice post.

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