Refer A Friend and Get Reward!

By | September 14, 2009

Refer A Friend and Get Reward! You can use your reward toward your order after checkout.

Your Reward:
As your initial reward, you will receive 10 rewards points once you refer your first five friends. Additionally, for every friend you refer that makes a purchase on our site, you will receive an additional 10 rewards points in your account.

Your Friend’s Reward:
Your friend will receive 10 rewards points to use toward their first purchase.

How It Works:
First you need to have an account. If you don’t have an account, you can click the link My Account located on the navigate bar to create one. Or you can create one when you checkout.

Then you can click that orange button “Refer-A-Friend” located on the top under your account. You will see areas to let you enter your friends’ email address and name. simply enter their e-mail address(es) below and click submit.

Your friend will receive an e-mail from us, personalized with your name and e-mail address. The e-mail will have easy instructions and will tell them about our store. Don’t worry, this e-mail makes it easy for your friends, all they have to do is click on the link in the e-mail to take advantage of the savings. Then, when checking out, all they need to do is select to use their newly added rewards to receive their discount.

Once your friend(s) purchase, you will also receive an additional 10 rewards points more as our thank you for the referral!

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