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By | June 27, 2011

Tany Toyen for Astrology ReadingsAstrology Readings is by master Tany Toyen who has had over 40 years of teaching astrology holding a B.S. in Media Education and a M.S. in Human Resource Development. Nearly any question a person could ask of the universe, Tany looks to the stars and her Tarot cards to help you guide you. From career counseling to Behavior analysis, she is more than happy to help by bringing sound knowledge and insight to your world.

Tany Toyen offers two services of Astrology Readings: Full Report of Astrology Readings and 30 minutes of on site or phone Astrology Readings. Full Report of Astrology Readings has astrology art wheel, analysis of astrological chart reading and scores and free astrology compatibility. 30 minutes of on site or phone Astrology Readings is directly talking to Tany Toyen by phone or face-to-face.

Full Report of Astrology Readings may also include one free astrology compatibility if you offer your spouse’s birthday. All you need is your birthday, place you born and your spouse information if you need free astrology compatibility. The Astrology Readings will be more accurate if you can give us hour and minute that you born.

As far as 30 minutes of on site or phone Astrology Readings, you can directly purchase this service online. Then we will schedule a time for you to meet or call Tany Toyen.

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