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Lillian Too’s Feng Shui books: Annual Horoscope 2010

Lillian Too’s new releases Fortune & FengShui 2010: annual horoscope 2010 for the Year of the Tiger have posted on our site at Feng Shui Books for sale. 2010 Chinese New Year is on Feb. 14 2010 (See products for Chinese New Year and How to Celebrate Chinese New Year for details). Annual horoscope 2009 for the year of the Ox, which are on specials right now, has 3 months to go. It is the last chance to purchase those books at great deal.

Lillian Too’s feng shui books about annual horoscope 2010 for the Year of Tiger (the Year of the tiger starts from Li Chun on 02/04/2010) brings detailed personalized readings of luck prospects and horoscopes for 2010. It includes year’s insights and monthly readings on what to expect in career, business, health, love and relationships. Also, important new tips on how to suppress the year’s afflictions and enhance your personalized feng shui.

Those annual horoscope 2010 for the Year of Tiger can maximize 2010’s exciting prosperity potential. In addition, those books help to instantly improve your vitality and chi essence, empower your aura with invaluable new secrets.

Lillian Too's Feng Shui Books

We also have varieties of Tiger Statues for the Year of the Tiger 2010.

Moon Festival 2009

What is Moon Festival?
Moon Festival is also called Mid-Autumn Festival. It is known as one of the four biggest Chinese traditional festival (Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Tomb Sweeping Festival and Moon Festival). Moon Festival is on the Lunar calendar August 15. It is said that the moon is the “biggest” and “brightest” in the whole year.

When is Lunar calendar August 15 2009?
In 2009, Lunar calendar August 15 is on Oct. 3rd 2009.

What does Moon Festival Mean?
Moon Festival is the second largest festival in China. It is considered as the reunion festival. There are a lot of beautiful legends about Moon Festival, such as Jade Rabbit, ChangEr.

What do Chinese People Do on Moon Festival?
Moon Cake (Chinese cookie) is related to Moon Festival. The traditional culture of Chinese people is that people gather together at the moon night watching the moon and eating moon cakes. Mid Autumn is the day of praying the Moon for reunion, safety and harmony. It is also the good day to wish children being good behaviour and advanced education.

Feng Shui and Moon Festival
Mid Autumn festival is the good day to play your feng shui items, such as Mandarin Ducks for harmony and Wen Chang Pagoda for eduction. People can face to Moon at that night and make a wish. It is believed that Moon can help you wishes come true. You also can light up 2 candles, incenses and lamp. Food for praying Moon are fruit and moon cakes only.

Refer A Friend and Get Reward!

Refer A Friend and Get Reward! You can use your reward toward your order after checkout.

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Reward Points Not Suitable to Drop Shippers

Hi Every Drop Shipper,

First thanks for your patience of waiting for our site back to normal to place your drop ship orders. During last several days, our site was down for a while. Right now, I am glad to tell you that we have finished our upgrade and the site goes back to normal.

At this upgrade, we also added the function of reward point to the site. However the reward point is not suitable to Drop Shippers even though under your account will show how many points you have earned.