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Summer Specials – 10% Off

Summer Specials – 10% Off

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  • Valid: until 07/31/09
  • What Discount: 10% off subtotal not including shipping cost and tax
  • How to use: simple apply summer in the coupon code area and click Apply Button next to it at the page of View Cart before checkout
  • Usages: unlimited uses before expiration

Note: Coupon may not be combined with any other offers or coupon. Coupon is not valid in physical store at 4089 Genesee Ave, San Diego, Ca 92111 and may not be redeemed for cash. Coupon may not be used toward the purchase of gift certificate code. Coupon can’t be applied to previous order. Coupon can’t be used for drop ship orders and wholesale orders.

Activate Tao Hua Position

What is Tao Hua?
Tao Hua is like the flying star that is in charge of love and relationship. Tao Hua is in different position for different people. The location of Tao Hua is according to person’s Chinese zodiac sign. For someone seeking for friend or lover, it is better to activate Tao Hua.

How to activate Tao Hua?
There are a lot of ways to activate it. The easy and efficient way is using vase filled with refresh water and live flowers and displaying that vase in Tao Hua position for 3 month. Make sure to keep it clean and fresh all time, change it if needed.

Where is my Tao Hua position?
Tao Hua position is base on your Chinese Zodiac sign. The positions are as followings:
Zodiac Rat sign: in the West
Zodiac Ox sign: in the South
Zodiac Tiger sign: in the East
Zodiac Rabbit sign: in the North
Zodiac Dragon sign: in the West
Zodiac Snake sign: in the South
Zodiac Horse sign: in the East
Zodiac Sheep sign: in the North
Zodiac Monkey sign: in the West
Zodiac Rooster sign: in the South
Zodiac Dog sign: in the East
Zodiac Boar sign: in the North

What color of vase do I need?
Zodiac Rat sign: white color
Zodiac Ox sign: red color
Zodiac Tiger sign: green color
Zodiac Rabbit sign: blue color
Zodiac Dragon sign: white color
Zodiac Snake sign: red color
Zodiac Horse sign: green color
Zodiac Sheep sign: blue color
Zodiac Monkey sign: white color
Zodiac Rooster sign: red color
Zodiac Dog sign: green color
Zodiac Boar sign: blue color

Other useful tips and items to improve love relationship is at Feng Shui for Love.

Happy Kissing Couple

If you are not sure what zodiac sign you are, you can use Chinese Zodiac Signs Calculator Tool to find out.

What is missing corner and Cure?

What is missing corners in feng shui?:
If the house is not rectangle or square illustrated as the following picture, it is considered as this house has missing corner.
illumination of Missing Corners

Once the house has missing corner, it implies it is imblance in the house – something missing in your house. For example, in this case the NE is missing. The location of NE is represents the third son or the youngest son; It also stands for hand and joint, etc. Therefore people who live in this house will easily get problem of hand or joint’s problems. In addition, the third son, if have, will have all kind of problem.

Cure to this missing corner:
This location NE belongs to Earth element. The easy and efficient way to cure this missing corner in Northeast is displaying on Dog Figurine in this location (Any position located in this location from the center point).

You can click Feng Shui Missing Corner for details and more.

Feng Shui Tips for Office

1. Find out what locations are good for you. There are two groups of persons: West Group and East Group. Kua Number with 2, 5, 7 and 8 belongs to West Group; Kua number with 1, 3, 4 and 9 belongs to East Ground. Locations at West, SW, NW and NE are the lucky locations for West Group; Locations at East, South, North and SE are the lucky locations for East Group. You can click the Feng Shui Kua Number Calculator to find out your Kua Number;

2. Sit with solid wall behind you. Don’t let your back empty. Don’t sit at the corner of the desks;

3. Don’t sit near to the door or directly facing the entrance, mirror, toilet or stair. Flat ceiling above you and some auspicious view or space in front of you is good for you. Don’t let any sharp point images point to you;

4. Displaying one Monkey on Horse or Golden Crab Carrying Ru Yi at your desk can help you grasp the chance of promotion;

5. One Guan Gong Statue can release of your competitive pressures.

Good News for Drop Shippers

Good news for drop shippers:

We are always doing our best to server our customers as well as our drop shippers. For easilly getting our products’ database, we added one products’ database under your drop ship account. You can download the newest items’ information, such as sku number, titles, descriptions, url for images, weight and prices, etc, directly from our site. The steps to download are as followings:

1. Login to your drop shipper account;
2. After you login, you will see the Downloads Tab under My Account and click that Tab;
3. Click the Link of Download under the Action;
4. After download, you can use winzip to unzip that files.

feng shui import download

P.S. This download is for drop shippers only. Our drop ship program is at feng shui import dropship.