Lucky Wedding Dates in 2012

By | December 1, 2011

Double Happiness SignChoosing one lucky wedding date is very important to marriage. It is believed that one lucky wedding date illustrates harmony, happiness and prosperity.

When you choose the lucky wedding day, you need to make sure that the wedding date you choose will not be against to either groom’s Chinese zodiac sign or bride’s Chinese zodiac sign. In addition, by Chinese traditional wedding culture, few persons choose wedding in lunar month March, lunar month July and lunar month. Followings are Chinese almanac auspicious dates for wedding in 2012. For specific persons, the wedding date is better calculated by the combination of the Four Pillars of both groom and bride.

If you are not sure what Chinese zodiac sign you are, you can use our Finding Zodiac Sign Tool to find out. Also see Lucky Wedding Date for 2013.

01/05 (Lunar 12/12) Thur. – again Sheep
01/06 (Lunar 12/13) Fri. – against Monkey
01/09 (Lunar 12/16) Mon. – against Pig
01/10 (Lunar 12/17) Tue. – against Rat
01/12 (Lunar 12/19) Thur. – against Tiger
01/15 (Lunar 12/22) Sun – against Snake
01/30 (Lunar 01/08) Mon. – against Monkey

02/03 (Lunar 01/12) Fri. – again Rat
02/04 (Lunar 01/13) Sat. – against Ox
02/06 (Lunar 01/15) Mon. – against Rabbit
02/08 (Lunar 01/17) Wed. – against Snake
02/09 (Lunar 01/18) Thur. – against Horse
02/15 (Lunar 01/24) Wed. – against Rat
02/21 (Lunar 01/30) Tue. – against Horse
02/27 (Lunar 02/06) Mon. – against Rat

03/05 (Lunar 02/13) Mon. – again Sheep
03/06 (Lunar 02/14) Tue. – against Monkey
03/07 (Lunar 02/15) Wed. – against Rooster
03/12 (Lunar 02/20) Mon. – against Tiger
03/14 (Lunar 02/22) Wed. – against Dragon
03/17 (Lunar 02/25) Sat. – against Sheep
03/18 (Lunar 02/26) Sun. – against Monkey
03/23 (Lunar 03/02) Fri. – against Ox
03/28 (Lunar 03/07) Wed. – against Horse
03/29 (Lunar 03/08) Thur. – against Sheep

04/11 (Lunar 03/21) Wed. – again Monkey
04/18 (Lunar 03/28) Wed. – again Rabbit
04/26 (Lunar 04/06) Thur. – again Pig

05/06 (Lunar 04/16) Sun. – against Monkey
05/09 (Lunar 04/19) Wed. – against Rat
05/23 (Lunar 04(2)/03) Wed. – against Tiger
05/24 (Lunar 04(2)/04) Thur. – against Rabbit
05/27 (Lunar 04(2)/07) Sun. – against Horse

06/02 (Lunar 04(2)/13) Sat. – again Rat
06/06 (Lunar 04(2)/17) Wed. – against Dragon
06/07 (Lunar 04(2)/18) Thur. – against Snake
06/09 (Lunar 04(2)/20) Sat. – against Sheep
06/27 (Lunar 05/09) Wed. – against Ox
06/30 (Lunar 05/12) Sat. – against Dragon

Mandarin Ducks

07/04 (Lunar 05/16) Sat. – against Monkey
07/11 (Lunar 05/23) Wed. – against Rabbit
07/28 (Lunar 06/10) Sat. – against Monkey
07/29 (Lunar 06/11) Sun. – against Roost
07/31 (Lunar 06/13) Tue. – against Pig

08/02 (Lunar 06/15) Thur. – again Ox
08/06 (Lunar 06/19) Mon. – against Snake
08/10 (Lunar 06/23) Fri. – against Rooster
08/11 (Lunar 06/24) Sat. – against Dog
08/12 (Lunar 06/25) Sun. – against Pig
08/29 (Lunar 07/13) Wed. – against Dragon

09/04 (Lunar 07/19) Tue. – against Dog
09/06 (Lunar 07/21) Thur. – against Rat
09/17 (Lunar 08/02) Mon. – against Pig
09/28 (Lunar 08/13) Fri. – against Dog

10/01 (Lunar 08/16) Mon. – again Ox
10/05 (Lunar 08/20) Fri. – again Snake
10/09 (Lunar 08/24) Tue. – against Rooster
10/11 (Lunar 08/26) Thur. – against Pig
10/12 (Lunar 08/27) Fri. – against Rat
10/30 (Lunar 09/16) Tue. – against Horse

11/05 (Lunar 09/22) Mon. – again Rat
11/09 (Lunar 09/26) Fri. – against Dragon
11/11 (Lunar 09/28) Sun. – against Horse
11/19 (Lunar 10/06) Mon. – against Tiger
11/29 (Lunar 10/16) Thur. – against Rat

12/05 (Lunar 10/22) Wed. – again Horse
12/09 (Lunar 10/26) Sun. – against Dog
12/10 (Lunar 10/27) Mon. – against Pig
12/12 (Lunar 10/29) Wed. – against Ox
12/18 (Lunar 11/06) Wed. – against sheep
12/30 (Lunar 11/18) Sun. – against Sheep
12/31 (Lunar 11/19) Mon. – against Monkey

53 thoughts on “Lucky Wedding Dates in 2012

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  2. Analie

    Is April 12, 2012 and April 14, 2012 weddding date is fine?

  3. hazel sim

    I would like to know if november 17th 2012, a good day for my wedding?

  4. mary

    hi my boyfriend and me are planning to get married.. i was born July 09, 1968, and his birth date was March 21, 1950.. Is it possible that you can give us a lucky date for our wedding?and some tips please..

    thank you in advance,

  5. ellen mae milano

    I would like to know if the date of my wedding “may 15, 2012” is a badluck?

  6. ellen mae milano

    i just want to know if the date of my wedding may 25, 2012 is a badluck in chinese feng shui?

  7. sheila grace miralles

    what would be a lucky or good date for us to get married, about september, im born on september 29, 1983, and my husband on february 11, 1983? please need advise…..

  8. admin Post author

    May 25, 2012 is the date of the Dog that is against Tai Sui 2012. It is better no to choose this day by Chinese culture.

  9. Sharree ann puentespina

    Is november 10,2012 a lucky date for our wedding. I was born september 2,1978 and my fiancee’s birthday is august 3,1978. Is this date good in getting married? Thanks

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  11. Cath

    Good day!
    Me and my fiancé are planning to get marriage in december 2012, were planning if dec 12, 2012 or dec 18, 2012
    My fiancé was born on feb 11, 1984 and me is July 4, 1986 can you give us a lucky wedding dates and some tips.. Thank you and god bless.

  12. admin Post author

    Both dates are good for your wedding. But I recommend Dec. 18, 2012.

  13. Isabell

    Hihi my birthday is 21.06.75 n my man is 22.10.85 .we are planing to married in september can u give us a good day for us

  14. johny

    Hi, Me and my girlfriend are planning to get marriage in December 2012, we were planning if Dec 1, 2012 or Dec 15, 2012 or Dec 22, 2012. I born on Dec 7, 1974 (Tiger) and my Girlfriend born at Feb 22, 1974 (Tiger), I have daughter with my Ex-Wife that born at June 15, 2005 (Rooster). Please help to give us some advise for Lucky Wedding Date and some tips. Thank you so much for your help and your kindness. God Bless.

  15. admin Post author

    It is better to choose Dec. 15, 2012 since Dec. 1, 2012 is the against Tiger and Dec. 22, 2012 is not a good day to do important thing.

  16. janice ava ochon

    hello! i would like to know when in december2012 is the best time to get married. my boyfriend’s birthdate is 03-06-1982, mine is 04-19-1981. thank you so much!!

  17. Anna

    Hi! Me and my boyfriend is planning to get married on October 11, 2012. My birthdate is March 17, 1987 (rabbit) and my boyfriend is March 26, 1990 (horse). Do you think October 11, 2012 is the perfect date? Thank you!

  18. admin Post author

    10/11/2012 is good day to marry and it is also not against to you.

  19. ellie

    good day! i hope you could help me out =) me and my fiancé will be getting married this december 2012 and we’re choosing dates dec. 12, 18, 20 or 28 for our wedding day. i was born july 19, 1988 (dragon) and my fiancé is july 29, 1970 (dog). and it kinda bothers me because i know dragon and dog are enemies..
    thank you so much! your opinion will be much appreciated =) more power to you!

  20. Sandra


    very useful information you have there. Are the dates listed applicable to both USA and Asia? I mean, do we need to take into consideration the time/date difference?

    I live in Los Angeles…


  21. Marie

    hi we’re planning to marry this september 2012. can you give us a lucky date to marry. i was born sep28 1987 and my groom was born july 3 1987. thanks!

  22. Sam Lai

    Hi! Me and my fiance is planning to get married on December 12, 2012. My birthdate is October 11, 1979 (Ox) and my girl is May 4, 1990 (horse). Do you think it is a good day to marry?

  23. admin Post author

    Born on Oct. 11, 1979 is the year of Sheep instead of Ox. December 12, 2012 is one of the good day to marry. But it is the day of the sheep. In China, people avoid to choose same zodiac day or date against you except special choosing.

  24. Dorothy Tham

    we would like to get married in 2012 between October and December and would like to choose the right date for our wedding

    I was born in the year of the Rooster and my partner in the year of the Sheep. Please advise what is the best date for us to get married this year

    I look forward to hearing from you and many thanks

  25. lara

    this dec 12,2012 is my lucky day for my wedding.. my bf zodiac sign is a dog and mine is horse thank u hope u could help us =)

  26. kellie wilder

    best wedding date in december. my birthday 4-6-65 his birthday 10-30-70

  27. admin Post author

    Yes, Dec. 12, 2012 is one of the good dates to marry. It is the day of the Sheep which is also the secret friend of the horse.

  28. Lorna

    Hi. My boyfriend and I are planning for a December 2012 wedding. When is the best date? My boyfriend’s birthday is June 4, 1963 and mine is January 15, 1962.
    Thank you and God bless 🙂

  29. Justine

    Hi, my fiancé is born 6 September 1987 and I am born 17 July 1988 – we would like to have our wedding in November 2012 or early December x2012 – when would be a good date for us? Thank you.

  30. Ciara

    Me and my fiance are planning to get married on December 20, 2012. My birthdate is Aug. 2, 1987 and my fiance is Oct. 1, 1984. Do you think it is a good day to marry?

  31. May Anne Penuliar

    Hi my boyfriend and I are planning to get married this october can you give us a lucky date for our wedding? He was born march 29, 1983 and im may 19,1981 thank you and hope u could help us…

  32. Tony

    Hi, love your blog. May I ask you if November 11 would be the perfect date for us to get married? My fiancée birthdate is 06-01-1988 she is a dragon, while I was born march 24th 1980 under the monkey zodiac. Can you give us some insight into this wedding date?

  33. admin Post author

    11/11/2012 is one of the good days for marriage. That day belongs to Chinese zodiac rat that is against horse. In addition, rat, dragon and monkey will combine together to let you both more harmony. It is a good day for both of you. Good Luck!

  34. Kevin


    My Fiance and I are planning to get married this December 9 2012.

    Is this a lucky date for our wedding? And what specific time should we wed.

    I am born on April 8, 1972 (rat) and my fiance September 27, 1977 (snake)

    thank you and hope u could help us to find a good wedding date


  35. Zoe

    Hi, my fiancé and I planning to get married either this November or December.
    Could you please give us a lucky date for NOV/DEC for our wedding?
    He was born on 12 May 1992 (Monkey) & I was born on 25 April 1990 (Horse).
    Appreciate your help! Thank you! (:

  36. aireen unarse

    Hi! Me and my live in partner are planning to get marriage in Dec. 2012. we were planning if Dec. 22, 2012 or Dec. 23, 2012. I born on Sept. 19 1982, and my live in partner born at June 1, 1983,I have 3 kids. Please help to give us some advise for lucky wedding date and some tips.. Thank you so much..

  37. Deb

    Hi , I want to know what day is the best day for the month of december? My birthday on 6/17/88 (dragon) and my fiancé on 3/27/84 (rat). Which day is the best ? Dec 15, 18 , 20 or 30 ?

  38. D


    I’d like to know if the wedding date 12/12/12 is good.

    Groom: June 18, 1983
    Bride: Nov. 11, 1984


  39. angel

    what is the good wedding date for me and my man,he is born may24 1987,and me is may 16,1985.tenx.

  40. Ian Mancilla

    Is 2013 a year to get married? or Dec 2012

    My DOB is Dec. 12, 1984
    My Fiance’s DOB is Jan. 7, 1987


  41. maris


    i would like to ask if what is the good date for me and my bf we have plan to have our wedding next yr march.i was born on march 7,1988 and my man born on dec 12,1963 what is the specific date and time good for my wedding..i hope to hear ur reply thank you.

  42. Kim

    Bride rooster 1957
    Groom tiger. 1962

    First marriage for both

    Any excellent dates for us in 2012?
    Need to plan fast!!!
    It’s also out of the country.
    Please help

  43. sasa

    my birthday is 02 oct 1989 and my fiance is 28 dec 1983..we want to marry on 28-29 dec 2012..does it good or not?

  44. Renee T. Kelly


    Would 12/12/12 be the best wedding date
    In December for our marriage?

    Bride – 07/12/1959
    Groom – 11/6/1958

    Thank you very kindly, RTK

  45. Leah marasigan

    i would like to ask if what is the good date for me and my fiance we have plan to have our wedding next year. i was born december 09,1987 and my man born june 23,1987 what is the specific date and time good for my wedding..i hope to hear ur reply thank you.

  46. anna leen cardel

    we already have kids and we are planning to get married this December 24,2013. Is this date okay?? my birthday is august 01,1978 and his is January 6,1983. Please help. If not good,, pls suggest tips to countermatch the bad vibes.. thanks

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